Introducing the New Chair of the RNP Committee

As chair of the Resident and New Practitioner Committee for 2013-2014, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My journey as a general practitioner began in 1997 after graduating dental school in India. Aspiring to be an endodontist, I moved to the U.S. and received my D.D.S. from University of Colorado Denver in 2010. I am graduating the M.S.D. program in June 2013 from Virginia Commonwealth University.

I have enjoyed serving the committee as a member in the past year. The main purpose of this committee is to represent the residents and new practitioners of the AAE. We recognize the challenges and the stresses that residents face while in their programs and at the time of launching their professional careers as new practitioners. Our primary effort is to voice those experiences and concerns and make recommendations to the AAE. Our values and dedication to our mission remain strong and focused. To accomplish this with maximum effectiveness, I urge you to engage in the committee’s activities and be represented in this fraternity. On behalf of the RNP Committee and AAE, I encourage you to come forth with suggestions on how the Association can be more helpful.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to our quarterly newsletter The Paper Point. We strive to make it informative and useful. I would like to conclude by applauding past committee chair Dr. Cameron M. Howard and all the committee and staff members for their efforts and commitment over the years. I look forward for an exciting year ahead, please stay in touch!


Manpreet Singh Sarao, B.D.S., D.D.S.
Chair, Resident and New Practitioner Committee

Annual Session 2013: The Road Less Traveled

With another successful Annual Session here and gone, the AAE hopes that all residents and new practitioners had a great experience in Honolulu and were able to attend as many educational tracks, presentations and activities as possible.

Career Fair attendees talk to prospective employers at the 2013 Annual Session.

The Resident and New Practitioner Committee planned several activities just for residents and new practitioners. The annual career fair took place on Friday afternoon, and with nearly 30 employers in attendance, it was a major success. Several potential employers who could not make the trip to Honolulu passed on their job listings to be posted, creating a full job board on site. The resident reception gave residents the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the open-air Hawaii Convention Center. With the breeze blowing, Treloar & Heisel and MedPro welcomed residents to Annual Session with a well deserved Mai Tai and appetizers. Outgoing committee chair Dr. Cameron M. Howard was also on hand to represent and introduce the RNP Committee. The committee exists as a support system for the specialty’s newest doctors.

It is a common complaint by members that they are unable to attend every activity of interest at the Annual Session. With only four days, it is difficult to be everywhere at once. Below, you can read about some of the Annual Sessions’ offerings you may not have known about. Come on and take the “road less traveled,” and learn about some of these resources, activities and opportunities new and old!

Mobile Meeting App
With so many options at Annual Session, it can be tricky to balance a schedule. The mobile meeting app was created to help attendees build their meeting agenda. By clicking on each activity to “star” it, users were able to create their own schedules to be saved on their phones' calendars. The mobile app also served as a digital business card. Attendees were able to share contact information with others on site and network directly. There was even a representative from Crowd Compass, the app vendor, on site for trouble shooting.

Fitness Activities
What better way to jump-start your Annual Session experience each day than with a fitness activity? The AAE provided professionally instructed fitness programs every morning, giving attendees opportunities to lace up their sneakers for Zumba, tai chi or the annual fun run! Watch for Annual Session 2014’s fitness activities.

Support the Troops
AAE staff, members and FDHS members worked together at the Support the Troops booth in the AAE Oasis to raise funds for the Fisher House, a residence for veterans’ families during a vet’s hospitalization for combat injury, illness or disease, similar to the Ronald McDonald House. Annual Session 2013 was the second year the Association sponsored an initiative to support the troops. The AAE wishes to recognize military service men and women, as well as their families and veterans, for their continued dedication and sacrifice in this ongoing initiative.

To the Point
New in 2013, To the Point allowed attendees to learn about endodontic products and services through one-hour demos by exhibitors such as Brasseler USA, DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties, Carl Zeiss Meditec and EndoVision in the Exhibit Hall. If you weren’t able to make it to any of the demos, be sure to check out this event in D.C.

The AAE strives to provide more and more exciting material each year. When planning your trip to Washington D.C. for 2014, think about the road less traveled and check out some of these offerings.

RNP Members Share Their Board Certification Stories

Becoming Board-certified by the American Board of Endodontics is a well-respected accomplishment in the dental community. As the Board works to progressively raise the quality of patient care, it demands that ABE Diplomates be exceptional endodontists. The process of Board certification takes dedication and hard work. Drs. Kimberly A.D. Lindquist and Cameron M. Howard, past members of the Resident and New Practitioner Committee, share their motivation and determination to become Diplomates of the American Board of Endodontics.

By Kimberly A.D. Lindquist

Dr. Lindquist (left) with Dr. Andre K. Mickel, chair of the department of endodontics and director of the postgraduate endodontic program at Case Western Reserve University.

From the very first day of my graduate endodontic residency, it became one of my many new goals to participate and pass the three sections of the American Board of Endodontics examination to become a Diplomate. Dr. Andre K. Mickel, my program director, mentor and teacher was a champion for the ABE examination process. On that first day, he summarized in detail the three different parts of the exam, the timeline and expectations of each of the sections. The names of the ABE directors were listed on the white board alongside the ever-growing list of “need-to-know” literature citations. Each December, we participated in “the midterm,” which included a very long written examination and an oral examination. These examinations were meant to simulate the written and oral ABE examinations. Our patient encounters were to be written up in the ABE case portfolio format. The message was very clear; becoming an endodontist would include becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.

Why become a Board-certified endodontist? Each candidate has his/her reasons to become a Diplomate. For me, the information below, from the American Board of Endodontics website, clearly articulates my reasons for pursuing Board certification:

  • Achieving the highest level of knowledge and skill possible
  • Continually pursuing new knowledge and experience
  • Fully understanding and applying new research and advances to the practice of endodontics
  • Providing the highest possible quality of care for patients

Not only is Board certification a worthy personal goal, it is also important for our specialty. Every 10 years a dental specialty is reevaluated and deemed worthy of specialty status. One of the items the reviewers look for is the number of Board-certified practitioners in that specialty.

Dr. Lindquist (right) with Dr. Shahin Etemadi, a former co-resident who received his Diplomate pin in 2013.

I became a Diplomate of the ABE in November 2011 and received my Diplomate pin at the Louis I. Grossman luncheon at the AAE Annual Session in Boston in 2012. I became a member of an elite group of endodontic clinicians and educators; I had achieved my goal!

What’s next? Now I encourage other endodontists to become Board-certified, like my mentors before me. I am a mentor for the College of Diplomates; I support and assist Board candidates in their endeavors to achieve Board certification. At the 2013 Grossman breakfast in Honolulu, I had the pleasure of witnessing my former co-resident and good friend, Dr. Shahin Etemadi, receive his Diplomate pin. Seeing someone I helped mentor receive his pin was nearly as rewarding as receiving my own Diplomate pin!

By Cameron M. Howard

Dr. Howard with his family at the 2013 Grossman Luncheon.

Obtaining my Board certificate from the American Board of Endodontics was the pinnacle of my endodontic career. It was a moment I will remember the rest of my practicing days, and I was overjoyed to have so many loved ones with me to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Even though the AAE’s Annual Session was in Honolulu it didn't stop my family from attending the event. My wife, seven-month-old son and parents flew to Honolulu to be a part of the Grossman Breakfast. I was also blessed to have two of my mentors, Nova Southeastern University Chairman Dr. Ken N. Namerow and NSU Program Director Dr. Michael D. Flax, in attendance at my pinning ceremony.

Dr. Howard, middle, with his mentors, Dr. Ken N. Namerow, left, and Dr. Michael D. Flax, right.

The hours spent studying and preparing were worth it, as I was able to prove to myself that I could face a difficult obstacle and excel in my field. The event was wonderfully planned and well attended. I only hope that more endodontists can experience the Grossman Luncheon in the future, as that will mean more Diplomates!

Didn’t Make it to Hawaii? Catch the Same CE Online!

Were you unable to attend the 2013 Annual Session in Honolulu? Don’t fret! As of July 1, all of the content from the meeting (and more) will be available on demand.

The AAE’s Live Learning Center, an online library of all your favorite endodontic topics, speakers and articles, is available 24/7 at your convenience. With a subscription you get unlimited access beginning July 1 through June 30 to 1,100+ hours of CE, including session recordings from AAE meetings, Journal of Endodontics articles and ENDODONTICS: Colleagues for Excellence clinical newsletters.

Purchased via the AAE member dues statement, residents, educators, dental students and endodontic professional staff pay a discounted rate of $50—less than 6 cents per CE credit hour. Practicing endodontists pay a discounted rate of $150 for an entire year, less than 19 cents per credit hour.

Visit for more information.

Marketing Materials at Your Fingertips

In the previous three issues of the Paper Point, we introduced you to the free AAE Professional Outreach Toolkit, your guide to practice marketing.

In this issue you’ll find practice marketing materials that are available at your fingertips. The resource section of the Toolkit features worksheets and templates that offer ideas or items for the taking. For those of you just starting out, take a look at the Introductory Letter to present yourself to dentists in the community. If you have been in practice for a few months, you may want to use the Practice Assessment Survey or the Dentist Feedback Form to find out if you are meeting the needs of your referring dentists. You will also find a sample referral slip that you can share on your website or with the dentists in your area.

In addition to the materials in the Toolkit, the Campaign Classroom has several courses available for you to view at anytime. Courses a free, on-demand webcast to help you better use the Toolkit as well as Annual Session courses and recordings that explain the research behind the Toolkit and the best ways to use the resource. 

AAE members also receive the special member price for all AAE products. Items that you might find useful when starting your practice are:

  • Patient education brochures
  • Surgery and endodontic flip charts
  • Case Presentation forms that can be customized with your practice contact information and more!

Practice promotion and success starts with you! Visit the Practice Management Toolbox for other FREE resources. If you have questions or would like assistance with your practice marketing, contact the AAE at

Crazy Case: Maxillary 2nd Molar with Two Palatal Roots

The patient was asymptomatic and referred for retreatment of tooth #15. The referring dentist removed the previous crown and secondary caries on the distal half of the tooth to make sure it was restorable. Diagnostic radiographs showed inadequate obturation and a periapical radiolucency measuring about 5x4 mm on the MB root apex. A periapical radiograph also showed a second palatal root. The clinical impression was tooth #15 was previously treated with asymptomatic apical periodontitis. Upon access, the old obturation material was removed, MB, DB, mesio-palatal and disto-palatal canals were cleaned and shaped and inter-appointment dressing of calcium hydroxide was placed. The treatment was completed in the subsequent appointment and the tooth was restored. The treatment was challenging due to limited access and visibility (tooth #15 being in infra-occlusion), and isolation difficulties.

"Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa"

Registration for the 10th annual APICES is now open! Please register now to secure your spot at this summer’s outstanding endodontic program for residents, brought to you by the resident planning committee from the University of Iowa. The comprehensive curriculum for residents from across North America includes a scientific program covering topics such as cone beam-computed tomography,medical insurance and managing pain. View the full schedule and scientific program with presentation titles and speakers.

More information:
APICES Schedule
Housing Information
Corporate Partners

Registration will close Wednesday, July 10.

Now Available!
The mobile meeting app, sponsored by DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties, will allow you to get a jump start on your APICES experience.

Choose one of the following options to download the app to your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry**:

1. Scan the QR code to the right.

2. Visit your mobile device app store or market, and search the term "2013 APICES."

3. Access with your smartphone or tablet's browser.

Do You Have News to Share?

The Resident and New Practitioner Committee is looking for fun news about your program to include in the next issue of The Paper Point, the quarterly e-newsletter sent to all residents and new practitioners.

  • Have any exciting happenings in your program?
  • What were your residents up to this fall and winter?
  • What types of groundbreaking research are happening at your institution?
  • Any famous alumni?

Please direct all questions or send any news items to Alyson Hall, AAE development coordinator, at, or by calling 800/872-3636 (U.S., Canada, Mexico) or 312/266-7255 ext. 3008.

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