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Happy Summer 2012! We are delighted to bring you the latest edition of The Paper Point, a quarterly e-newsletter brought to you by the AAE's Resident and New Practitioner Committee. Allow us to focus on a few big happenings within the endodontic community.

On August 3-5, Boston University will host APICES, a program put on by the residents of BU and supported financially by generous corporate sponsors. Check out the story below for more information on this first-class event. We look forward to seeing many of you in Boston!

In each edition of this year's The Paper Point, we'll highlight a tool from the AAE's Professional Outreach Toolkit that could be of great use to you and your future endodontic practice. We hope to give you a good overview of what the Toolkit offers and focus on an individual tool in each subsequent edition of this e-newsletter – be sure to check out the article below for the first installment of this series. Please also feel free to contact us if you feel there is a tool that you would like more information on or would like to see focused on at a later date.

Thank you to all of the new practitioners who completed the annual new practitioner survey that was distributed earlier this year. The results can be found in the story below. The Resident and New Practitioner Committee is hopeful that with that information, they will be able to better serve new practitioners.

The purpose of our committee and our newsletter is to be your voice within the AAE. The initial years of training in your residency and the first few years of practice once graduated can be stressful, confusing and at times, overwhelming. Allow us to be your source of advice, advocacy and support; we're here for you! If there is anything you'd like us, as a committee, to focus on or advocate for, please let us know.

Dr. Cameron Howard


Cameron M. Howard, D.M.D., Msc.D
Chair, Resident and New Practitioner Committee

APICES 2012 Returns to its Roots in Boston

BU CampusIn a little over a week, residents from across the nation will travel to Boston University for the Advanced Programs in Clinical Endodontics Symposium, APICES. August 3-5, 2012 marks the ninth annual event tailored specifically for residents, by residents. This year, the two resident co-chairs from BU, Philippe Gauthier, D.M.D. and Adriana Baiz, D.D.S., have worked hard to assemble a cohesive team of their colleagues to help host a historic event. After all, APICES began at BU in 2004, so it is only fitting that the event serves as a tribute to the great program it has become.

This year, residents attending should expect an excellent lineup of speakers presenting on topics ranging from regenerative endodontics to practice management. When it came to constructing the program, the planning committee considered current trends and vital necessities in endodontic education.

"The lineup of opportunities to learn, share and network with endodontic practitioners, educators and residents is incredible this year," said Dr. Baiz.

Nearly as important, APICES is an experience for residents to meet and mingle with their colleagues from across the country. The weekend will offer many opportunities for social activities. BU will host a barbeque on campus for the Friday evening Welcome Reception for residents to gather before the program begins. After the barbeque, BU residents plan to provide suggestions for other interesting venues to check out in the city. The Saturday night Social Event will be a night of fun and rock 'n' roll at the HardRock Café Boston.

BU CampusAPICES 2012 marks a historic year for corporate sponsor participation. This year, 27 sponsors are contributing to make APICES a success. They will all be exhibiting during the program and available to chat about product and partnership during schedule breaks.

"We are excited to showcase a record number of vendors representing all aspects of the endodontic community," said Joseph Donohue, AAE corporate relations manager. "The vendors are excited to provide corporate support towards APICES because they share information about job opportunities and the latest innovations in equipment, software and procedures."

The educational program will wrap on Sunday around noon. Residents should take the opportunity to enjoy Boston's history, experience top-notch endodontic curriculum and engage in fellowship before the summer comes to a close.

Practice Setup and Management Indicated as Important Topics in Annual Survey

Last spring, the Resident and New Practitioner Committee released its annual New Practitioner Survey in order to gauge exactly how new practitioners feel about their recent transition and new role as endodontists. A total of 63 practicing endodontists who have each been in practice five years or less responded to the survey. Most importantly, the results of this survey showed where the AAE and the committee can allocate resources to better serve new practitioners. As you will read below, new practitioners are seeking resources in the area of practice management. Thank you to all the new practitioners who completed the survey.

This is the second year the survey has been conducted. As survey results have shown in the past, the highest percentage of new practitioners chose practice management/career assistance as areas where they felt additional guidance and training would have been helpful. Second to practice management was implant experience. These results are valuable to the committee and help determine how it can better serve its constituents.

What do you feel was missing
from your residency program?
Practice Management/Career Assistance 33.62%
Implant Experience 27.59%
Surgical Experience 19.83%
Networking/Meeting Attendance Opportunities 10.34%
Other 6.03%
Nonsurgical Experience 2.59%

The committee exists in order to not only assist AAE residents but new practitioners making the move into private practice or another endodontic career path. According to the survey, a little more than half of respondents did not do market research on the area where they are now practicing.

The committee is currently developing a website tool to assist residents and new practitioners easily view different areas of the country to determine the number of practicing endodontists working in a specific area at any time. This will eliminate the need for cross-referencing and sifting through the AAE member directory. The survey indicated that the directory is one of the most helpful resources in the transition to practice. Therefore, the committee will take steps to streamline this information for easier and more valuable use.

Seventy percent of new practitioners sought the guidance of a mentor during their transition from residency. The information they requested from mentors is consistent with what they felt could be further addressed from their endodontic education, practice management. The committee encourages new practitioners to utilize the AAE's Open House Program, which invites residents and new practitioners to set up an appointment to visit with a volunteer that has agreed to open the doors of their practice to answer questions about a career in private practice. For more information about the program and a list of volunteer hosts, click here.

What advice did you seek from your mentor?
Practice setup/management questions 16.08%
Patient care questions 14.57%
How do you "thank" referring doctors? 12.06%
How did you set your fees? 10.55%
How do you compensate employees? 9.05%
Contract/employment agreements 8.04%
Insurance information 6.03%
Which advisors are essential to my "team"? 5.03%
Should I consider satellite offices? 4.52%
How did you decide on your advisors? 3.02%
When should I consider an associate? 1.51%
Other 1.51%

Again, thank you to those that took the time to respond to the new practitioner survey. The committee is hopeful that it can act on the results given and provide better assistance to new practitioner members.

Start Planning Your Future Practice Today!

Professional Outreach ToolkitNew endodontists rank practice management as the top area they feel was missing from their endodontic program. The AAE has an array of resources to help you address your practice management needs, including tools for starting a new practice.

Through the AAE Awareness Campaign, Endodontists: Partners in Patient Care, the Association develops resources to help members foster relationships with general dentists to increase referrals. Focusing on key messages of partnership, expertise and patient satisfaction, the AAE helps to position endodontists as key members of the dental treatment planning team.

An important resource available to you as you begin your endodontic career is the AAE Professional Outreach Toolkit, an e-book you can use to build your endodontic practice and relationships with general dentists. The Toolkit will guide you through conducting a practice and marketplace assessment, developing a marketing plan and using key campaign messages as the foundation for all communication with general dentists. Dozens of templates are included, such as surveys, business profile materials and practice newsletters.

While evaluating and planning your practice marketing may seem cumbersome or unnecessary, you are in a competitive field with your fellow endodontists and general dentists, and this type of assessment will help you more effectively market yourself to future referrers and set you up for long-term success.

The Toolkit includes information and guidance to support a variety of practice promotion activity:

Marketing – practice assessment and planning tips
Messaging – create your key practice messages
Materials – business profile kits, practice newsletter, digital marketing and more
Outreach – professional networking and open houses
Resources – dozens of easy-to-use templates to support your outreach efforts

It's never too early to start planning your practice marketing, so check out the Toolkit and other AAE resources to get started. Look for more articles about developing a practice marketing program in future issues of The Paper Point and if you have questions or would like help, contact the AAE at campaign@aae.org.

Snapshots from APICES 2011

Take a look at photos from last year's APICES, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and get ready for an amazing APICES 2012!

APICES Photo Collage

Do You Have News to Share?

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  • What types of groundbreaking research are happening at your institution?
  • Any famous alumni?

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