Crazy Cases, Marketing Tools and More

Greetings and welcome to another edition of The Paper Point. First off, the AAE and the Resident and New Practitioner Committee members would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all endodontists, endodontic residents and family members affected by the recent damage done by Hurricane Sandy. We wish all those that were impacted by such a nasty storm a quick recovery!

In this edition of The Paper Point, I am excited to highlight a few areas of our specialty in which you'll be especially interested. We are going to make an effort in each newsletter to highlight a specific tool within the AAE's Professional Outreach Toolkit. Each tool has a specific function that can be used to better your clinical and marketing skills in your endodontic career. Please enjoy each highlighted tool and learn how you can make them work for you!

Another area that is dear to my heart is the introduction of a new e-newsletter section, Crazy Cases. Each one of you has received a case much like this in your practice or residency. Please feel free to see if you can beat my very own crazy case! Email crazy cases to Alyson Hall, development coordinator, at ahall@aae.orgwe'd love to showcase it in our next newsletter!

This issue also discusses the AAE's role in social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), an exciting look ahead to APICES 2013 and the new resident news section. Please enjoy The Paper Point and stay warm this fall. We look forward to receiving your crazy case!

Dr. Cameron Howard


Cameron M. Howard, D.M.D., Msc.D
Chair, Resident and New Practitioner Committee

Introducing The Paper Point's Crazy Cases

Beginning in this issue of The Paper Point, each issue of the e-newsletter will include one case that blew the minds of the Resident and New Practitioner Committee, took them by surprise or was just inexplicable—Crazy Cases.

The first installment of Crazy Cases is presented by the chair of the Resident and New Practitioner Committee, Dr. Cameron Howard, a new practitioner practicing in Tampa, Fla.

Crazy Case ImageThis patient came to my dental office with the following chief complaint: "Ever since my root canal treatment was done six months ago, my tooth just hasn't felt right." The patient stated the dentist did the root canal and crown in one three-hour visit. The patient added he experienced significant discomfort because no anesthetic was used. Given the past experience, the patient was very nervous.

The clinical examination revealed a tooth with percussion and palpation sensitivity and an open margin with the crown fit. A radiograph revealed a poor root canal treatment with a missed canal, gross overfill present (Thermafil carriers?) and possible/probably furcal floor perforation. Clinical assessment: previously treated, symptomatic apical periodontitis.

I informed the patient that the prognosis was very guarded to poor, but an attempt at a retreatment could be performed. Informed consent was signed and one carpule 2% lidocaine with 1:100k epi was given via local infiltration. During access through the crown, while using a rubber dam, the crown came off (due to poor clinical crown fit). Upon removal of the core, the tooth was found to have the entire furcal floor missing with a 6-7 mm perforation present.

The patient was informed that prognosis was hopeless, and it would be better for the tooth to be removed. The patient was sent to the oral maxillofacial surgeon for extraction and evaluation for an implant/bridge.

If you have a case that you would like to submit for the feature, please contact Alyson Hall, development coordinator at

Create a Marketing Timeline Today

In the last issue of The Paper Point, we gave an overview of the Professional Outreach Toolkit, an e-book available on the AAE website, and how you can use this FREE resource to help build your new endodontic practice and relationships with general dentists. The Toolkit includes information and guidance on the following topics: Marketing, Messaging, Materials, Outreach and Resources.

Today we are going to discuss how the Marketing section of the Toolkit will guide you in assessing your practice and creating a marketing plan to help introduce yourself to the local general dentists. By creating a marketing plan, you will have to consider the following components:

  • Your business objectives
  • What to do (doctor bio, website…)
  • How much of each item to do
  • Staffing and hours that need to be dedicated
  • A timeline
  • Budget of your efforts

Everyone will have different marketing activities depending on their geographic location and size of practice, so keep that in mind while you plan and compare notes with your friends. In order to figure out your plan of action, begin with the Marketplace and Marketing Assessment which will help to identify the patients and general dentists in your geographic region. This information will help you tailor all marketing tactics from here on out. Once you figure out who to market to, you can start creating your marketing program. This program will take time and resources, but with this plan, you will be able to focus your time and money on items that are truly important to you. In addition, you will be able to keep track of the efforts put forth and learn which tactics work best for you.

Once you have assessed your area, you can begin by branding your practice. Every item and tool you create for your practice, whether it is a referral slip, doctor’s biography or website, must portray your brand in order to create loyalty of referring dentists and an understanding of your character in the dental community.

It’s never too early to start planning your practice marketing, so check out the Toolkit and other AAE resources to get started. Look out for the next article which will delve into the Messaging section of the Toolkit. If you have questions or would like help, contact the AAE at

Marketing Timeline

Marketing Timeline sample courtesy of Julie Handy at Endodontic Associates Dental Group.


APICES 2013: Field of Dreams

Travel to the heartland of the Midwest next summer when the AAE visits the University of Iowa for the 10th annual Advanced Programs in Clinical Endodontics Symposium, July 26-28, 2013. The Hawkeye state is looking forward to hosting residents from across the nation and showing off their endodontic facilities. Read on to learn more about how APICES will include new offerings and Iowan charm!

Special for APICES 2013, the AAE is making some additions to enhance the experience for all attendees! For the first time, there’s an app for that! The APICES mobile app will roll out in late spring for free download for the meeting. The app will be downloadable early, on iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry devices, to give residents a jumpstart on the experience. The app can be used to view the meeting schedule, exhibitors and sponsors, view maps, AAE social media and more! Watch for more information about the downloadable app to come.

Also for the first time, all program sessions will be recorded and added to the AAE’s Live Learning Center. With a subscription to the LLC, CE credit can be earned from APICES sessions online from a home computer. With renowned speakers on a variety of topics, it has become apparent that many are interested in APICES, and the AAE would like for everyone to enjoy its offerings and be able to glance back for reference on what they learned.

In addition to these new features, Iowa City is a college town full of Midwestern charm. The resident planning committee there is working hard to arrange a weekend experience with a variety of activities to showcase this, including an evening in the press box at Kinnick Stadium, home of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

Accommodations will include free hotel stay for Friday and Saturday nights for all residents at the recently renovated Sheraton Iowa City Hotel! The hotel is located on campus on the historic pedestrian mall where attendees can enjoy unique shops, restaurants and bars. Don’t miss out on these comfortable and free accommodations.

Continue to watch for more information about APICES 2013 at the University of Iowa to come and save the date!

University of Iowa panorama

Experience AAE Membership in a New Way

Looking for another way to stay in tune with the AAE? Look no further than your Facebook newsfeed. The AAE’s social media presence is booming and is an ideal way to stay up-to-date with news, deadlines and information about the Association. The AAE’s Communications Department works closely with the various departments of the Association to make sure the AAE’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are providing followers with the most pertinent information as well as some fun facts along the way.

Residents can use the AAE’s social media pages to remind them about things like the 2013 AAE Annual Session abstract submission deadline, the AAE/DENTSPLY Awards for abstract presentations, meeting registration deadlines, membership dues renewal and information about APICES. Social media channels also engage members of the organization within a similar network. It is a great place to meet other endodontists and share common experiences. The AAE encourages members to actively participate by posting on the Facebook wall, uploading photos and using hashtags to connect on Twitte

The Resident and New Practitioner Committee encourages both residents and new practitioners to "like" the AAE on Facebook and follow @aaenews on Twitter.

"I enjoy reading the AAE’s status updates on my Facebook newsfeed," said Dr. Kimberly Lindquist. "I don’t always get to the AAE website, so the Facebook posts are a good way to keep me informed."

Engaging in this community can enhance the Association experience for all members.

Find us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter

If you’re an endodontist with a penchant for artistry,
if you’re a clinician who practices with panache,
if your ingenuity matches your intellect –
we need your vision!

Come up with a design that will promote endodontics and/or endodontists in a creative, witty, beautiful or otherwise appealing way on a cotton crewneck T-shirt. Images, text or any combination of the two will work. Use of the AAE logo is permitted, but not required. Any AAE member is eligible.

Bring your idea to life using any combination of hand drawings (just make sure that you make a high-resolution digital copy of the artwork to submit) or *computer tools (free T-shirt templates can be downloaded for Photoshop and Illustrator formats). Up to four single imprint colors can be used in the design.

Your original artwork should be a high resolution image, but you should submit a 72dpi copy of your design saved as a JPG or GIF. Entries should be sent via email to by Friday, December 14, and should include any descriptions of imprint size, placement, T-shirt color (if other than white), etc. that might be appropriate. Also let us know what inspired your design! (If you prefer to steer clear of computers, we'll also accept entries by mail at AAE Headquarters.)

The Membership Services Committee will evaluate entries and choose no more than five of the best designs to compete in the challenge. These designs will be posted online, and presented to the AAE community for electronic voting. The design with the most votes will be printed on a new AAE T-shirt, to debut at the 2013 Annual Session in Hawaii. The shirt will be sold by the AAE at the meeting and throughout the year, and promotions will include recognition of the designer.

As if fame and a lasting legacy weren’t enough, the winner will also receive a free, year-long subscription to the AAE’s online CE library, the Live Learning Center! AND, all finalists including the winner will receive a free winning T-shirt.

If we choose to print your design, you are giving us exclusive rights to print and sell it on apparel. We will not use your design unless you have submitted a copyright release to acknowledge the terms of the Challenge.

*If you are using a computer, please refrain from using color art that includes halftones, gradients, shading, etc.

LLC Gives You Extra Credit

As a resident or new practitioner, you are constantly in learning "mode." The AAE has a number of resources to help you continue expanding your knowledgebase and to start earning credit for license renewal, including its online CE portal, the Live Learning Center.

Containing more than 700 hours of content prepared by some of the leading forces in the specialty collected in a one-of-a-kind library, there are print, audio and select video formats to choose from featuring:

  • Session recordings from AAE meetings (Annual Sessions, Fall Conferences and, coming soon, the 2012 AAE/AAPD Joint Symposium)
  • Colleagues clinical newsletters
  • JOE articles
  • Speaker handouts, bios and MP3 files for portable listening

New content is added throughout the year, every year with unlimited access for one low, annual subscription price. Additionally, any new subscriptions receive between November 5 and December 31, 2012, will be entered into a drawing for a new 32GB iPad® mini!

You can try the Live Learning Center for free before you purchase by viewing the sample content, or simply activate your subscription by logging in with your AAE username and password, accessing the "My Account" screen and paying with a credit card in our secure environment. If you have already subscribed, don’t forget to take advantage of this phenomenal resource!

If you have any questions, please contact the AAE at, or by calling 800/872-3636 (U.S., Canada, Mexico) or 312/266-7255.

Resident News

The Paper Point will now have a resident news section in each issue to highlight current events happening at endodontic residency programs across the nation. We would love to hear what is going on at your program! If you have news to share, please email Alyson Hall at

Sitting from left: Drs. John Q. Holcomb, B. Ellen Byrne, Karan J. Replogle and James R. Lance. Standing from left: Drs. Richard D. Archer, Gary R. Hartwell, Neil R. Dodds and Marshall C. England.

VCU’s First Annual Legacy Day

On May 19, 2012, the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Endodontics celebrated its Legacy Day. The brainchild of program director Dr. Karan J. Replogle, Legacy Day was planned in conjunction with the 2012 AAE Annual Session theme, History and Heritage—Forging the Future.

Previous program directors and department chairs were invited and honored at the day-long and evening event. Drs. Neil R. Dodds, Marshall C. England, Gary R. Hartwell, James R. Lance and John Q. Holcomb, well known for making major contributions to the VCU graduate program, were all in attendance, among others. The department would not be the same without the legacy provided by them.

Alumni of the program, started in the early 1970s, were all cordially invited. Included in the agenda was a CE course on cone beam-computed tomography imaging in an attempt to "forge the future." This was presented by Dr. Martin D. Levin. Participants benefited from the hands-on session with CBCT software of real patient images. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with classmates and walk down memory lane. Alumni came together to learn, celebrate and leave with great working knowledge, making this a successful event.

Do You Have News to Share?

The Resident and New Practitioner Committee is looking for fun news about your program to include in the next issue of The Paper Point, the quarterly e-newsletter sent to all residents and new practitioners.

  • Have any exciting happenings in your program?
  • What were your residents up to this fall and winter?
  • What types of groundbreaking research are happening at your institution?
  • Any famous alumni?

Please direct all questions or send any news items to Alyson Hall, AAE development coordinator, at, or by calling 800/872-3636 (U.S., Canada, Mexico) or 312/266-7255 ext. 3008.

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