The President’s Message – Commitment, Dedication and Determination

Scott B. McClanahan D.D.S., M.S.
President, American Board of Endodontics

Congratulations new Diplomates! Board certification is a significant milestone in an endodontist’s professional career.  It is the culmination of the completion of your specialty education and the commitment to sit for a Written and an Oral Examination plus assembling your series of cases for the Case History Portfolio Examination.  It exemplifies dedication and determination to complete the three components of your board as well as the sacrifice of family and friends for the many hours required to complete this rigorous process.

Again, congratulations to all of our new Diplomates!  We look forward to a special event in Montreal to celebrate your accomplishment of obtaining board certification.  We hope that your family, friends, mentors, classmates and colleagues will join us for the Grossman Ceremony.


In May 2018, the ABE moved our offices from the AAE office suite in the ADA Building to a new office space in Buffalo Grove, IL.  Our new address is 750 W. Lake Cook Road, Suite 137 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

The demands on the ABE staff have increased dramatically over the last several years and we now have three full time staff members. The Buffalo Grove office provides larger space for our staff and the capacity for future growth.

Since AAE 2018 in Denver, the ABE experienced several landmark events.  In May 2018, a record number of 78 case history portfolios were submitted.  The May milestone was topped the very next exam in September 2018 with 92 submissions.  These two record-breaking events are directly responsible for the third record breaker this year, which will be the recognition of 150 new Diplomates at the Grossman Ceremony in Montreal.

These milestones are the result of countless hours of supportive effort so a few “thank yous” are in order:

In 2013, we started offering the Oral Examination in St. Louis and past ABE Directors volunteered to help with the examinations to be able to meet the 200 examination per year capacity of the new location.  With the two big increases in Case History Portfolio submissions in 2018, past Directors once again stepped up to help review the increased portfolio submissions.  Thank you to the sitting and past Directors for your dedication and commitment to the ABE and our candidates, and for guiding the candidates through the certification process.

Since so much of the ABE’s administrative and supportive part of the certification process happens behind the scenes, our candidates are not able to truly recognize the efforts of the ABE staff.  Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Margie Hannen, Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Ivana Bevacqua, and Credentialing & Meetings Manager, Ms. Patricia Scaletta, work tirelessly on our candidate’s behalf.  The staff’s commitment, dedication and determination keep the sitting and past Directors on task and make sure that the ABE functions and operates smoothly.

Hope to see you in Montreal!