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March 2021 Oral Exam Full and Future Oral Exams Update

The March 2021 Virtual Oral Exam is now full. The limited spaces for this exam were filled by our Candidates previously registered for the March 2020 Oral Exam who had to defer due to COVID related travel restrictions.

We know that there are many who are eager to register for upcoming exam cycles, and we are making every effort to accommodate our backlog of current Candidates, as well as the residents who are currently registered for the upcoming Written Exam in May 2021.

After we hold our Virtual Oral Exam on March 25 – 27, the Board will assess if an additional Virtual Oral exam in late summer 2021 is a viable option. We will communicate this information mid to late April via email and on our website.

As of now, the October 2021 Oral Exam is still scheduled to take place “in person” and in St. Louis. Registration information for the October 2021 Oral Exam will become available in early April. Registration for this exam will likely be a lottery, and we will need to prioritize candidates who passed the Written Exam in 2020 or earlier.  For candidates who passed the Written Exam in 2020 or earlier and do not obtain a seat in a 2021 Oral Exam, you may want to consider changing your Track Selection to Track I, so you can submit your case history exam next.  This would be at no cost to you.  Please contact us at for details on how to do this.

For residents taking the Written Exam in May 2021, please know that we will make every effort to create Oral Exam opportunities for you in subsequent exam cycles. For those of you who pass the 2021 Written Exam and go on to submit your Preliminary Application to transfer to Board Candidate status with a scanned copy of your endodontics certificate, you may consider selecting Track I, so you can submit your case history portfolio as your next exam. A passing grade must be received for the current exam you are registered for in order to be eligible to register for any subsequent ABE exams.

We have sought to keep moving forward during COVID and have done so with our Written and Case History Exams, but unfortunately have had some limitations to our Oral Exam due to the nature and logistics of the exam itself. In future exam cycles, we hope to have additional dates to offer all of our Candidates in order to accommodate demand.

During these times especially, it is crucial that we are able to reach you with news and updates. If you have any changes to your contact information, please let us know at

Finally, for anyone who is currently a Track III candidate, we have extended your period of eligibility to challenge the Oral exam by one year (e.g., if your period of eligibility to challenge the oral exam was set to expire in 2021, we have extended it to 2022).

Thank you for your participation in the Board certification process and for your understanding as we navigate through the continuing repercussions of the pandemic.