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Member Stories: Dr. Helen Meyer

Our office, which has endodontics and oral surgery, has been open seeing patients for emergency treatment during the pandemic. It seems that my patients commute in from farther than usual, presumably because local dental offices are closed, triaging over the phone, and referring directly. In early April, Ms. Julie presented with significant pain, malaise, and facial swelling. She lives on a secluded mountain ranch an hour away from the nearest town and had driven three hours to my office. #22, a bridge abutment, was diagnosed with necrotic pulp and acute apical abscess. I initiated the endodontic therapy, placed intracanal medicament, and drained the vestibular swelling. I saw her again yesterday to complete the root canal treatment and permanent restoration, and this time, she looked significantly happier and healthier.

Toothaches don’t go on pause just because our society has. I am proud to be able to treat patients during these uncertain times and grateful for my team who shows up with upbeat attitudes and supports me everyday.