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Member Stories: Dr. Tadros Tadros

I am an endodontist in Nashua, N.H., managing and practicing in Hudson Endodontics.

By the beginning of March, and with the surge of COVID-19 outbreak, I sensed the importance of our work to provide care to patients and to reduce the burden on our ERs and urgent care facilities.

I made sure that me and my staff are equipped with proper PPEs (N95 masks, head caps, face shields and gowns) and placed air purifiers in operatories. Also, we adopted strong disinfection and cleaning protocols to protect both our patients and staff.

Since day one from the outbreak, we have not closed a single day, seeing an average of four to five true dental emergencies per day.

We were very grateful for all the support we received during this time from state and local officials as well as companies.

What defined this era from my experience is the high level of uncertainty many are experiencing.

I believe that things will return to normal but it will take time … most important, stay strong, keep pounding and, finally, don’t give up!