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AAE Responds to AARP Article

An article in the October/November 2015 issue of AARP The Magazine has some patients concerned about the safety of root canal treatment. AAE President Terryl A. Propper submitted the following letter to the editor in response. The AAE encourages all patients experiencing dental problems or tooth pain to talk to their dentist or endodontist and evaluate all of their treatment options.

Dear Editor,

Recently, AARP The Magazine profiled our nation’s caregivers (“A Day in the Life of the American Caregiver”), who provide family and friends with invaluable attention each day. I was distraught and concerned about a lady who suffered a debilitating stroke following a root canal procedure. My heart went out to her and I wish her a full recovery. It is important that your readers know that stroke associated with root canal treatment is extremely rare and there are no reported cases in the scientific literature.

Seeking early treatment for swelling, pain and infection is paramount to a successful outcome. With millions of root canals performed each year, I want to ensure your readers that root canals continue to be an effective, safe and predictable treatment to relieve pain and save teeth.

If you have questions about root canals or want more information on signs and symptoms of a tooth in need of a root canal, please visit the American Association of Endodontists' website at


Terryl A. Propper, D.D.S., M.S.
American Association of Endodontists