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Take Action on REDI ACT:

Urge Your Member of Congress to Cosponsor the “Resident Education Deferred Interest” (REDI) Act, H.R. 4122.

This bi-partisan bill that would amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to allow borrowers to defer their student loans interest-free while they are serving a medical or dental internship or residency program.

A dentist in a four-year residency program, for example, who has an average of $287,000 in unsubsidized student loans after completing dental or medical school at the current average graduate loan interest rate of 6 percent, will pay more than $75,000 of additional interest over those four years.

Significant increases in student loan debt for medical and dental professionals, makes it incredibly challenging for them to provide care underserved areas or in faculty or research positions.

The REDI Act would allow all medical and dental residents to qualify for deferment and allow all of their loans – both subsidized and unsubsidized – to accrue interest-free during this time period.

Use the form below to submit a letter to your lawmaker. Feel free to use our form letter in the message section of the second part.

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