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Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine

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Address:2800 College Ave.Alton, Illinois 62002-4700
Program director:Marvin L. Speer, Program Director
Department/section chair:Dr. Robert Blackwell, Chair Department of Graduate Education
Predoctoral director:Dr. Vasiliki Kytridou, Predoctoral Director
Contact person:Jessica McCawley
Program website:
Application submission:PASS
Application fee:20.00
Annual start date:July 1
Accreditation status:CODA Initial Accreditation
Full-time faculty members:2
Part-time faculty members:5
Full-time Board certified:1
Degrees/certificates offered:


Length of program in months:

24 months

State license required?Eligible for Illinois License

Dental Degree from CODA approved school, National Board Scores, Transcripts from Dental School, Photo 

Ratio of acceptance to applicants:1:20
Tuition per year:$35,000 including fees, plus Cost of microscope optics.  Approx. $20,000
Microscope:Student buys own optics.
Salary amount:0
Stipend amount:0
Percent of time spent in research:15%
Percent of time spent in clinical care:60%
Percent of time spent in teaching:25%
Clinical setting:Dental School
Average number of nonsurgical procedures completed per resident:250
Residency programs available in other dental specialties at sponsoring institution:

AEGD, Implant Fellowship

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