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Not Your Average Root Canal

Endodontists go through years of training to become specialists in saving teeth. They acquire specific skills and knowledge to manage a variety of complex situations that may arise while diagnosing and treating their patients’ tooth pain. That holds true whether the patient is a human being – or a 400-pound bear. When zoo animals need root canal treatment, veterinarians and zookeepers turn to AAE-member endodontists for their expertise in saving teeth and relieving pain.

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Working Together for the Specialty

As the outgoing president of the College of Diplomates, I would like to say “thank you” to the AAE for providing me with the opportunity to reach out to all AAE members on behalf of the COD.

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Fighting for Dentistry: ADA 2015-2016 Lobbying Accomplishments

Even in an election year and with a divided Congress, the American Dental Association’s committed advocacy on behalf of the profession has achieved results. I can attest to the day-in and day-out dedication of ADA staff and leadership as well as their visible presence on Capitol Hill.

The AAE reinforces ADA efforts by supporting the American Dental Political Action Committee and by co-signing to targeted communications to key legislators and regulators.

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