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Announcing the Winners of the 2017 JOE Awards

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Endodontics is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 JOE Awards, recognizing the best articles published in JOE during the 2016 calendar year. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations, and to all of the authors who published their work in the JOE this year. Your contributions keep our specialty strong!

The winning papers represent significant advances in endodontics, and were selected for their scientific merit and broad impact on dental research; originality of research objectives and ideas presented; creativity of study design and uniqueness of approaches and concepts; validity of statistical and/or epidemiological methods; and clarity of presentation.

Please join us in congratulating the authors of the following papers, who will be recognized at the Scientific Advisory Board Reception at AAE17 in New Orleans:

Basic Research:
Austah ON, Ruparel NB, Henry MA, Fajardo RJ, Schmitz JE, Diogenes A. Capsaicin-sensitive innervation modulates the development of apical periodontitis. J Endod 42(10):1496-1502.

Basic Research: Technology
Alves FR, Andrade-Junior CV, Marceliano-Alves MF, Perez AR, Rocas IN, Versiani MA, Sousa-Neto MD, Provenzano JC, Siqueira JF, Jr. Adjunctive steps for disinfection of the mandibular molar root canal system: a correlative bacteriologic, micro-computed tomography, and cryopulverization approach. J Endod 42(11):1667-72.

Case Report: Clinical Techniques
Strbac GD, Schnappauf A, Giannis K, Bertl MH, Moritz A, Ulm C. Guided autotransplantation of teeth: a novel method using virtually planned 3-dimensional templates. J Endod 42(12):1844-50.

Clinical Research
Mavridou AM, Hauben E, Wevers M, Schepers E, Bergmans L, Lambrechts P. Understanding external cervical resorption in vital teeth. J Endod 42(12):1737-51.

Regenerative Endodontics
Iohara K, Fujita M, Ariji Y, Yoshikawa M, Watanabe H, Takashima A, Nakashima M. Assessment of pulp regeneration induced by stem cell therapy by magnetic resonance imaging. J Endod 42(3):397-401.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the award-winning papers, the following papers have been accorded honorable mention status:

  • Francisconi CF, Vieira AE, Biguetti CC, Glowacki AJ, Trombone AP, Letra A, Menezes Silva R, Sfeir CS, Little SR, Garlet GP. Characterization of the protective role of regulatory T cells in experimental periapical lesion development and their chemoattraction manipulation as a therapeutic tool. J Endod 42(1):120-6.
  • Martinho FC, Teixeira FF, Cardoso FG, Ferreira NS, Nascimento GG, Carvalho CA, Valera MC. Clinical investigation of matrix metalloproteinases, tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases, and matrix metalloproteinase/tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase complexes and their networks in apical periodontitis. J Endod 42(7):1082-8.
  • Azim AA, Aksel H, Zhuang T, Mashtare T, Babu JP, Huang GT. Efficacy of 4 irrigation protocols in killing bacteria colonized in dentinal tubules examined by a novel confocal laser scanning microscope analysis. J Endod 42(6):928-34.
  • Moore B, Verdelis K, Kishen A, Dao T, Friedman S. Impacts of contracted endodontic cavities on instrumentation Efficacy and biomechanical responses in maxillary molars. J Endod 42(12):1779-83.
  • Tran D, He J, Glickman GN, Woodmansey KF. Comparative analysis of calcium silicate-based root filling materials using an open apex model. J Endod 42(4):654-8.
  • Ricucci D, Candeiro GT, Bugea C, Siqueira JF, Jr. Complex apical intraradicular infection and extraradicular mineralized biofilms as the cause of wet canals and treatment failure: report of 2 cases. J Endod 42(3):509-15.
  • Maheshwari K, Silva RM, Guajardo-Morales L, Garlet GP, Vieira AR, Letra A. Heat shock 70 protein genes and genetic susceptibility to apical periodontitis. J Endod 42(10):1467-71.
  • Mente J, Petrovic J, Gehrig H, Rampf S, Michel A, Schurz A, Pfefferle T, Saure D, Erber R. A prospective clinical pilot study on the level of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in dental pulpal blood as a marker for the state of inflammation in the pulp tissue. J Endod 42(2):190-7.
  • Mounir MM, Matar MA, Lei Y, Snead ML. Recombinant amelogenin protein induces apical closure and pulp regeneration in open apex, nonvital permanent canine teeth. J Endod 42(3):402-12.
  • Zeng Q, Nguyen S, Zhang H, Chebrolu HP, Alzebdeh D, Badi MA, Kim JR, Ling J. Yang M. Release of growth factors into root canal by irrigations in regenerative endodontics. J Endod 42(12):1760-6.