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Calling Future Leaders! The AAE Leadership Development Program

To ensure our continued success, endodontics needs future leaders who can navigate challenges and engage members of the dental community. The AAE Board of Directors is proud to announce the inaugural Leadership Development Program, offering opportunities for U.S. members out of residency for no more than 10 years to enhance their leadership and communication skills, strengthen their professional networks and participate in strategic discussions with AAE Board members. Applications will be accepted through June 30 for this dynamic program, to be held March 3-4, 2017, in Chicago.

With approximately 40% of AAE members between the ages of 25 and 44, the Association needs leaders who can represent younger members and their concerns. The Leadership Development Program is a key component of the Board of Directors' commitment to supporting future leaders and integrating their voices into strategic planning. Fourteen endodontists, two from each of the AAE's seven districts, will be selected to participate.

The program will feature a keynote presentation on dentistry trends from Dr. Marko Vujicic, chief economist and vice president of the ADA Health Policy Institute, and discussions on significant issues facing the Association and the dental profession. Participants also will receive communications training from an experienced journalist to help them represent and promote endodontics effectively in their communities.

"The endodontists in the Leadership Development Program will gain a more detailed understanding of the work of the AAE's leadership and staff," said Dr. Ron C. Hill, AAE District V director and chair of the Special Committee on Leadership Development. "They will be providing input into the governance and direction of our organization, and also learning how to engage other organizations at the state and local levels."

The Board of Directors hopes that newer practitioners will take advantage of this opportunity to play an active role in the future success of the AAE and organized dentistry.

Dr. Hill added, "Dentistry is your profession. Now that you have spent considerable time, money and effort to become a dental professional, you cannot afford to sit back and watch what happens. We must unite as one voice and protect the profession we worked so hard to join."

Download the application today or spread the word to your colleagues about this exciting new program!