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Celebrating the Most-Read Feature Stories of 2018

Each month, we strive to bring you a compelling article to help instantly enhance your own work. Certain articles capture an especially notable level of interest, so we’ve rounded them up from the past year in a special best-of 2018 compilation. Counting down to the most-read, here are our top five! Stay tuned for brand-new feature content in 2019!




5. September: ‘Having a Baby is Easier Than Getting a Root Canal’ by Dr. Anthony Charles Caputo




4. January: Indications for Replantation and Recommended Techniques by Dr. Samuel I. Kratchman




3. October: Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin by Dr. Roderick W. Tataryn




2. March: To Scan or Not to Scan, That is the Question by Dr. Mohamed Fayad

And the most-read feature article of 2018 is …

1. April: CBCT: The New Standard of Care? by Drs. Christine I. Peters and Ove A. Peters
“I don’t take a CBCT scan of every patient — does that mean my treatment is below the standard of care? I’m trying to save them radiation but could they sue me for that, if something goes wrong?”

The pressure on endodontists to use their cone beam machine before starting root canal treatments or endodontic surgery is palpable, but is an automatic scan of the teeth in question really in the best interest of patients? Read more.