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Discuss the Latest Developments in Regenerative Endodontics at the AAE Annual Meeting in Denver

CHICAGO – Cutting-edge developments in regenerative endodontics will be among the highlights at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Association of Endodontists. Several education sessions are devoted to sharing the most current research and findings, presented by leading experts in the field of regenerative endodontics.

Regenerative endodontics uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore the root canals to a healthy state, allowing for continued development of the root and surrounding tissue. Endodontists’ knowledge in the fields of pulp biology, dental trauma, and tissue engineering can be applied to deliver biologically based regenerative endodontic treatment of necrotic immature permanent teeth resulting in continued root development, increased thickness in the dentinal walls and apical closure. These developments in the regeneration of a functional pulp-dentin complex have a promising impact on efforts to retain the natural dentition, the ultimate goal of endodontic treatment.

On Thursday, April 26, Dr. Louis M. Lin will present, “Biologic Concepts of Guided Tissue Regeneration in Endodontic Surgery.” This session will explore the technique of guided tissue regeneration in endodontics, which can be used to improve surgical outcomes. Also on Thursday, Dr. Antonios M. Chaniotis will present, “Saving Hopeless Teeth with Regenerative Endodontic Procedures.” This session will describe the application of specific clinical regenerative endodontic protocols for the treatment of otherwise hopeless teeth in children and adults. Dr. Jerome J. Cymerman will provide an update on regenerative endodontic therapy in open apex teeth with apical periodontitis. Dr. Cymerman’s session will highlight the addition of a bovine collagen-carbonate apatite scaffold to the currently established regenerative endodontic technique. Dr. Anibal R. Diogenes will present “Regenerative Endodontics: What Does the Future Hold.” This session will focus on presenting the current evidence supporting regenerative endodontic procedures, current clinical outcomes, new findings of a multi-center clinical trial and novel regenerative strategies to be used in future procedures.

Additional exploration of the future of regenerative endodontics is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, when Dr. Sahng Gyoon Kim presents, “Regenerative Endodontics: Where Are We Headed?” Dr. Kim’s session will review clinical and biological outcomes of current regenerative endodontic therapy, provide the biological rationales for regenerative endodontic treatment and discuss the clinical protocols for regenerative endodontic treatment in mature or root canal-treated teeth. Also on Saturday, Dr. Mohamed J. Ahmed will present, “The Potential of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Regenerative Endodontics,” which will explore the use of human induced pluripotent stem cells as an alternative source of cells to regenerate dental pulp tissue.

For more information about these education sessions and to view the entire AAE18 meeting schedule, visit and follow the AAE on Facebook and Twitter. For press passes, please contact Kim FitzSimmons at


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About AAE18
Taking place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver April 25-28, AAE18 is the largest endodontic meeting in the world. With more than 3,000 attendees from around the world, including endodontic specialists, other dental professionals and office staff, the meeting features more than 100 education sessions, 129 exhibitors, the association’s annual business meeting and other special events. For more information, please visit