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Foundation Outreach

In early 2020, three endodontists volunteered their time for the Foundation for Endodontics’ 15th International Outreach Program. Drs. John T. Dominici, Winnie Zhang and Christopher A. Pellicano traveled to the Helping Hand Clinic in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, to provide under-resourced, local community members with endodontic care.

The Helping Hand Clinic is busy: teams of dentistry students and their mentors and educators, in addition to specialty teams like the Foundation’s, typically see over 300 patients per week. Amid a busy, hot and humble clinic, the Seiler IQ Slim-LED microscope offered the endodontic team the technology to provide top-notch care to those in pain. Generously on loan from Seiler, the microscope has been used in almost all of the Foundation’s trips to Jamaica. Resident volunteers who are still learning techniques and gaining confidence are particularly grateful to have the technology in the Helping Hand Clinic, lending them confidence to elevate the standard of patient care.

Outside of the long clinic days, Drs. Dominici, Zhang and Pellicano enjoyed meeting other volunteers, ziplining, swimming, a boat ride, beautiful sunsets, and even an alligator citing! This team had the extra responsibility of participating in what was meant to be the Foundation’s first trip of four occurring in 2020. Sadly, they dusted off the supplies and arranged the endodontic corner in the clinic for what turned out to be the only trip of the year. At the time, COVID-19 was still thought to be limited to some parts of China and Italy. As the virus progressed and arrived in the United States, the Foundation made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of 2020’s planned trips in the interest of volunteer and patient health and safety.

The Foundation is deeply grateful to Drs. Dominici, Zhang and Pellicano for volunteering their time to advance the Foundation’s vision to support saving natural teeth for all through the efforts of endodontic specialists. Their expertise, dedication and great attitudes improved the lives of deserving patients in Treasure Beach, and the Foundation thanks them for their service.