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Navigating Crazy Cases

MarchcoverIn its first month, several hundred AAE members have visited the AAE's new online community, AAE Connection. One goal the Association has in creating the space is for members to share case reports and clinical experiences. To get some ideas, we present some "crazy cases," originally published in Paper Point, the newsletter for AAE residents and new practitioners. Read these experiences and share your own crazy, or not so crazy, cases on the AAE Connection discussion forum.

Our first interesting case comes from Dr. Valerie Okehie, member of the RNPC's Resident Network, APICES 2014 co-chair and graduate from University of Texas Health Science Center.

Crazy Case 1

By Valerie I. Okehie, D.D.S.

Diagnosis: Pulpal = Pulp necrosis. Periapical = Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis

Treatment: A 27-year-old patient presented to the urgent care clinic with severe pain in tooth #30.

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Our next unusual case comes from Dr. Laura Milroy, a Board-certified endodontist at Endodontics of the Rockies in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area.

Crazy Case 2

By Laura Milroy, D.D.S., M.S.

A 68-year-old female patient was presented for root canal therapy of tooth #27. She had a five-unit bridge spanning from tooth #27 to #31.

Clinically, she presented with two sinus tracts: one located on the buccal gingiva below the margin of #27 and the other apical to the pontic of #28.

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