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Residents to Usher in Endodontic Careers with APICES 2018

APICES 2018 will take place in Chicago on Aug. 24-25 at the Swissotel.

APICES affords residents invaluable information and makes possible essential connections with peers and industry partners that aid in their first crucial steps when joining the field of endodontics. Participants will connect with valued corporate sponsors from the industry whose support helps make this free event possible.

From 2004–2016, APICES was a resident-only meeting planned by residents at a host institution with help from the Resident and New Practitioner Committee. As APICES grew in size and popularity, the AAE tried to preserve its original format. However, due to increased demand and the need to accommodate the number of resident attendees and corporate sponsors interested, the AAE’s Board of Directors approved a motion from the RNP Committee to move APICES to Chicago to provide a larger venue. APICES 2017 was the first program planned by the RNP Committee, and hosted in Chicago, home of the AAE. The RNP Committee is full of residents and new practitioners, who now know what they would have “liked to have known” just a few years ago. APICES 2017 was a big success and the AAE was able to accommodate 100 more residents than the prior year. We look forward to hosting APICES in Chicago again this year.


Stay tuned for updates about this year’s APICES 2018 by bookmarking the event page, checking back in early June, and watching your email inbox for more information.