AAE Considers Changes to Membership Requirements

At its 2017 meeting, the AAE General Assembly considered an amendment to the AAE Bylaws, proposed by the AAE Board and Constitution and Bylaws Committee, which would change the requirements for AAE membership so that individuals would not be required to join any other organization in order to qualify for membership in the AAE. The General Assembly voted to postpone voting on this proposed amendment until its 2018 meeting. The Assembly subsequently voted to request the Board to direct the Membership Services Committee to develop a knowledge-based governance paper on this topic, with the paper distributed to the membership 90 days prior to the 2018 General Assembly.

The Membership Services Committee developed the requested Knowledge-Based Governance paper, which was reviewed by the Board at its 2017 Interim Board meeting. The Board took the following actions:

The AAE Board reaffirmed its position on Choice 2, as presented in the paper:

2. Recommend a Bylaws change to the membership that would remove the requirement for membership in the ADA or international equivalent.

In addition, the Board approved Choices 3 and 6, as presented in the paper:

3. Encourage membership in the ADA or international equivalent via various AAE media (i.e., website, publications, social media, etc.).
6. Continue the working relationship with the ADA (advocacy, political representation, operational interactions, etc.).

This paper is being presented, along with the Board’s approved actions, to the membership as a reference prior to the vote that will take place at the 2018 General Assembly. The General Assembly will vote on the Bylaws change proposed in 2017. The choices listed in the Knowledge-Based Governance paper will not be voted on by the General Assembly, as any related policy decisions outside of the language contained within the Constitution and Bylaws fall under the Board’s purview.

Please direct any questions to Trina Andresen Coe, AAE Deputy Executive Director, tandresen@aae.org.