Member Planning Guide

The American Association of Endodontists advocates for the valuable role that endodontists play on the dental team. Root canal specialists bring high-quality care, compassion and comfort to patients and deserve recognition for their service and commitment. Root Canal Awareness Week gives members the chance to proactively talk, educate our community, build relationships with partner dentists and emphasize our number one message: if you need a root canal, see an endodontist. Save the date for Root Canal Awareness Week May 6-12, 2018.

A memorable Root Canal Awareness Week begins with a solid plan to inform the public that root canal treatment isn't the myth they have come to accept and that endodontists can provide a relaxing and virtually pain-free experience. The AAE invites you to join colleagues across the country in celebrating this event in your local community. Your activities will enhance visibility of the specialty and more than 8,000 AAE members.


The Member Planning Guide includes suggestions for activities to promote Root Canal Awareness Week in your area, along with ready-to-use tools to implement them. Check back for 2018 updates. You will find sections that include:

Root Canal Awareness Week Logos and Posters
Promotional Activities in Your Community
Electronic Promotions
Tips for Working With Local News Media
Dental Professional Outreach Activities
Suggested AAE Affiliate Activities
Customizable Templates for Endodontists

Additional resources are also available year-round, free-of-charge, on the AAE website at

Logos and Posters

Download the 2018 Root Canal Awareness Week logo in the formats that best fit your needs.

Web JPG: Large | Medium | Small

Print TIFF: Large | Medium | Small

NEW this year - four versions of the 2018 Root Canal Awareness Week poster! Download them all here.

Your Ideas are Welcome!

We want to hear from you! Let us know what activities you planned during Root Canal Awareness Week and send us your feedback about the celebration. Email us at and post your photos to our Facebook page.


The first task you must tackle is the timing of your promotional activities. Be sure to start your planning early so you can calculate how much time you need to put into each activity. Will your entire office be part of your activities? (We recommend it.) Do you need to set aside extra time in the evenings for the activities? Give yourself plenty of time to plan and execute each idea so you do not feel overwhelmed when Root Canal Awareness Week arrives. Clearly define and divide roles and responsibilities among a few team members, and meet regularly for event planning.