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Promotional Activities in Your Community

Enhance the visibility of your practice within your community by engaging patients, community groups, hospitals and other health care providers in Save Your Tooth Month activities. Vendors or local businesses may become valuable partners in spreading your message and may even sponsor some of your events.

Save Your Tooth Month Posters

Use the Save Your Tooth Month posters throughout the month of May, as well as throughout the year!

  • The posters highlight endodontists as the champions of saving teeth, who use advanced techniques and technologies to make root canal treatment comfortable and effective.
  • Print the posters and post them in your practice reception area and patient rooms.
  • Share with local hospitals, pharmacies, schools, businesses and government offices and encourage them to display the poster.
  • Distribute to your referring dentists with a personalized letter for their use with patients.

Community Presentations

Community groups and medical facilities, such as urgent care centers and hospitals, offer a direct link to potential patients who need to know more about endodontists' special training in performing virtually pain-free root canal treatment. Potential audiences include

  • Members of civic clubs and social groups;
  • Local businesses with a large number of employees; and
  • Students at local high schools, colleges and universities.
  • Local newspapers and hospitals frequently publish monthly activities such as health fairs that also may provide speaking opportunities.

Contact these groups and offer to present a short, informational lecture about root canal treatment and the importance of endodontists in the full dental healthcare paradigm during Save Your Tooth Month.  Demonstrate the five steps to saving an avulsed tooth or describe common types of tooth pain that may require treatment by an endodontist. You may also use this time to explain some techniques you employ within your practice to reduce patient fears and recommend additional ideas patients can implement before and during a procedure.

Contact your local high school and ask if you can meet with different athletic departments  in order to explain the importance of wearing mouth guards and how they can protect their teeth. Use the AAE position statement on the Use of Mouth Guards to Prevent Injury, and pass out your business cards at the end of your short presentation.

The AAE provides the following materials that may assist you in educating the public:

  • Root Canal Safety web page, addressing myths about root canal treatment and the benefits of root canal treatment to save the natural teeth.
  • Patient education brochures on several topics including tooth pain, traumatic dental injuries, cracked teeth, endodontic treatment, retreatment and post-treatment care.
  • Speaker kits covering endodontic treatment, retreatment and cracked and avulsed teeth.
  • Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part II: Patient Outreach providing comprehensive guidance in marketing to the public and patients
  • Endodontic guidelines and position statements.

Open Houses

Promote your office and provide first-hand education to the community about endodontics by hosting an open house and tour of your endodontic practice. Display how root canal treatment is comfortably performed using the latest technology and advanced techniques. Invite school groups, community members, dentists and other interested parties to showcase your abilities as an endodontist, and dispel myths and misconceptions regarding the procedure. Be sure to offer practice contact information, posters and other educational resources to all that attend.

Try hosting a community health fair at your office. Demonstrating commitment to overall health helps to solidify relationships with other dental specialists, general practitioners and other healthcare providers who may be in a position to refer.

Review the Open House section of Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part I: Referral Outreach for more ideas.