Suggested AAE Affiliate Activities

AAE affiliate organizations have intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing their constituents. Below are some activities affiliates can undertake to increase endodontic awareness.

Official Proclamation

Make Save Your Tooth Month officially recognized in your state or city with a proclamation or resolution from your elected officials, such as, your state representatives, your mayor or governor. A proclamation adds credibility and creates public awareness of the specialty's contributions to public health. To help you, consider personalizing this letter and sending it to your elected officials with this customize and sample proclamation along with this sample news release. Use this website to help find the contact for your local officials.

Public Service Announcement

Radio stations reserve time for issues of public interest and often broadcast Public Service Announcements free of charge. If your Affiliate wishes to take an active role in promoting the specialty during Save Your Tooth Month, you may wish to coordinate a statewide initiative targeting major radio stations with a specially developed PSA on behalf of your state's endodontists.

To increase the likelihood of your PSA airing, focus on the public good of Save Your Tooth Month. Use this sample public service announcement as a guide for your PSA and view the AAE's PSA for ideas on how to create your own! Submit the PSA to the public service announcement director of your local radio station. For more details on how to develop a PSA, consult Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part II: Patient Outreach.