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Bruce H. Seidberg, D.D.S., M.Sc.D., J.D.


Dr. Seidberg currently serves as chief of dentistry at Crouse Hospital and senior attending in dentistry at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y., in addition to maintaining a private practice in Liverpool. He is also a dental-legal consultant who has contributed articles to dental literature and chapters in numerous books, including Risk Management in Legal Medicine, Ethics, Morals, Law and Endodontics in Ingle’s Endodontics and the textbook Dentistry for the Special Patient. He has lectured at national and international meetings about the fields of dentistry and law.

Throughout his career, Dr. Seidberg has been active with the various dental organizations. He served two terms on the AAE Board of Directors and is a past president of the American College of Legal Medicine, Cayuga County Dental Society and New York State Association of Endodontists. He was also an officer of the AAE Foundation, American Dental Association Council on Communications and Pierre Fauchard Academy, and a Fellow of ACLM, the American College Dentists and American Association of Hospital Dentists. He is the secretary of the American Board of Medical Malpractice and the Onondaga County Dental Society in New York.

Dr. Seidberg is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics and American Board of Medical Malpractice. In 2001, he received the AAE President’s Award, and from 1992-1994, he was the recipient of the President’s Award for Service from ACLM.

Contact information

5112 W. Taft Road
Suite R
Syracuse, NY 13088-4873
Phone: 315-453-3636

Available Sessions

  • Understanding Risk Management
    Topic: Endodontics & the Law

    Risk management involves several areas of a dental practice, which include but are not limited to the doctor-patient relationship, communication, informed consent and documentation. Understanding the issues, communicating appropriately and following the proper concepts of informed consent and documentation, and properly applying them is a way to assist the health care provider in preventing one aspect of medical malpractice litigation.

    Although very little has changed since the inception of the informed consent concept and current day practice, documentation concepts have. The intensity and importance of the subject has recently been brought to the forefront by inadequate presentations to patients and documentation of findings and events.

    A patient who is properly informed is less likely to launch subsequent litigation over undisclosed risks that manifest. A health care provider who has proper documentation memorializing the informed consent discussion and what was done is less likely to be involved in a lawsuit.

    The principles of documentation and informed consent are recognized worldwide and this seminar will help guide the practitioner to a better understanding of both concepts and how they interact with the law.

    Presentation length is flexible for a PowerPoint lecture.


Dr. Seidberg has no proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentation to disclose.

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