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Eugene A. Pantera, Jr., D.D.S., M.S.


Eugene A. Pantera, Jr., D.D.S., M.S., is clinical associate professor in endodontics at the University at Buffalo. He is director of the division of endodontics and former director of the advanced program in endodontics. Along with several publications and presentations, he reviews submissions for the Journal of the American Dental Association, Journal of Endodontics, Journal of Dental Education, and the New York State Dental Journal.

Dr. Pantera presents seminars nationally and internationally and lectures to all levels of dental and graduate students. A fellow of the American College of Dentists, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the International College of Dentists, Dr. Pantera practiced general dentistry for quite a few years before climbing the ivory tower and appreciates the problems faced “in the front lines.”

Contact information

240 Squire Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: 716-829-3847
Fax: 716-829-3501

Available Sessions

  • Everyday Endodontics
    Topic: General Endodontic Knowledge
    Learning Objectives:
    • Review advances in Endodontic irrigation
    • Find canals
    • Perform vital pulp caps with new techniques and materials
    • Discuss benefits of Endo v Implants
    • Review rotary techniques
    • Repair perforations
    • Discuss anethesia and Endodontic emergency treatment

    There haven’t really been any “killer applications” in Endodontics for several years. Instead, we have seen an evolution of rotary instruments, irrigating solutions, retreatement techniques, anesthesia, perforation repair materials, obturation materials, and so on, and, when all is said and done … the basic concepts and instruments are more than enough to many Endodontic problems.
    Half-day to full day lecture.


Dr. Pantera has no proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentations to disclose.

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