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Kent Sabey, D.D.S.


Following eight years in an Arizona general dentistry practice, Dr. Sabey enjoyed a full career in the US Air Force, retiring in Jan 2011. While in the military, he attended two postgraduate dental training programs — a 2-year AEGD and an endodontics residency, achieving board certification for both areas. His contributions to the literature include a textbook chapter and several journal articles. His current pursuit is that of a full-time educator, and he serves as the Program Director for the LSU Advanced Education in Endodontics.

Contact information

LSU Dept of Endodontics
1100 Florida Avenue
Room 3315 – Box 135
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-941-8395
Fax: 504-941-8396

Available Sessions

  • Pieces of the Diagnostic Puzzle – They’re All Important
    Topic: Differential Diagnosis
    Learning Objectives:
    • Discuss how the utilization of a thorough, systematic, and consistent diagnostic process can contribute to successful treatment outcomes.
    • Identify how information gathered during an endodontic examination can contribute to positive results relative to comprehensive, interdisciplinary dental treatment for a patient.
    • Describe types of cases that, although presenting initially as puzzling, can be clarified by utilizing a wider spectrum of available diagnostic tools and procedures.

    The diagnostic phase of endodontic treatment can be straightforward, complex, frustrating, or puzzling. This session will review various aspects of the process and why each should be considered important. Clinical cases will be utilized to highlight how the collection of adequate and accurate information can help paint a clearer picture, leading to endodontic treatment with successful outcomes.

    Three hour lecture.


Dr. Sabey has no past or present proprietary, financial and/or personal interest to disclose.

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