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Stephane Simon D.D.S.


Stéphane SIMON has been qualified as Doctor in Dental Surgery in 1994 at the University of Reims. He completed in 2009 his PhD in Pulp Biology in the frame of a co-supervised Thesis between the University of Paris 7 and the University of Birmingham.

To date he is full time academic teacher/researcher and his clinical practice is limited to Endodontics. He has been graduated as a Professor in restorative dentistry and endodontics. He is the director of the European Postgraduate Endodontic Program at Paris Diderot University (3 years full time program). His time is 50% devoted to the clinical practice and 50% to Basic Science/clinical research about Tissue engineering and dental Pulp healing. He works as a Researcher in Paris and as Associate Researcher in Birmingham.

Today, his main interest is about Tissue engineering, cell and molecular Biology of pulp tissue (Basic science and clinical practice), and is highly involved into development of new techniques and concepts for graduate and postgraduate teaching (E learning, flipped classroom, MOOCs, etc.)

Contact information

Stephane Simon
280 Sente De La Forriere
Bois Fllaume, Normandy 7600 France
Phone: +33-64-2423920


Available Sessions

  • Pulp Capping and Pulpotomy.
    Topic: Pulp Capping
    Learning Objectives:

    • Explain how to improve the clinicial decision making.
    • Explain why pulp preservation need to be considered before pulpectomy.
    • Explain how to select the right pulp capping material.

    Interest of endodontists for pulp vitality conservation therapeutics is growing up. Better Knowledge on behavior of pulp inflammation response and pulp healing processes allow us now to better anticipate short term and long term success of pulp capping therapies. The binary diagnosis of reversible or irreversible pulpitis tends to be replaced by a new concept of classification of pulp inflammation. These revisited systems of pulp status classification could help the practitioner to make decision for their endodontic treatment plan: pulp capping, pulpotomy or pulpectomy.

    Objective: To discuss the problems the practitioners encounter in terms of pulp inflammation status in situ evaluation, and to propose guidelines for the decision making in terms of pulp vitality conservation.

    One half-day, full day or two day lecture.


In accordance with this policy, I declare I have a past or present proprietary or relevant financial relationship or receive gifts in kind (including soft intangible remuneration), consulting position or affiliation, or other personal interest of any nature or kind in any product, service, course and/or company, or in any firm beneficially associated therewith, as indicated: Dentsply Sirona, Komet, PDSA, Septodont, Self, Grant/Research., Consultant, Ongoing

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