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Your Input is Needed: Get to Know the Board Transformation Initiative

As announced in Dr. Alan S. Law’s September 2021 President’s Message, the AAE Board in conjunction with a special committee is revisiting the Board Transformation Initiative over the next several months. The Special Committee on the Board Transformation Initiative will review prior work, gather and analyze relevant data, conduct Town Hall meetings with members to gather qualitative input, and report its resulting recommendations to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Board of Directors.

Voting members, please check your email inbox for a survey that closes on Oct. 14. And stay tuned for your opportunities to make your voice heard during open forum discussion at upcoming Town Hall Meetings: Nov. 30 and Dec. 14.


  • Create efficiency of the Board’s work.
  • Develop balanced leadership: skills, experience and representation.
  • Hear all voices: engagement and communication.
  • Engage all career stages of membership in the governance process.
  • Move toward a competency-based and balanced Board.


  • A more nimble, responsive AAE. Agility in governance and in planning will allow AAE to adapt to a more rapidly changing world.
  • A more inclusive AAE. Further commitment to inclusiveness and engagement will maximize opportunities for all members to participate in the AAE — and for our leadership to better represent our membership on the whole.
  • Enhanced leadership development and planning for AAE. Improved development of leadership skills and experience in the membership, and more intentional recruiting of future leaders, will strengthen governance of the AAE.

Ultimately, this is your initiative, and we seek to simultaneously share knowledge  on leading best practices for high-performing boards and gather and carefully consider your feedback. Stay tuned to your email inbox, as well as our 2021 Board Transformation Initiative webpage, for further updates.