About the American Association of Endodontists

The American Association of Endodontists is a professional society dedicated to supporting the dental specialty of endodontics and our more than 8,000 endodontist members worldwide.

Our work includes:

  • Continuing education and best practices for endodontists
  • Patient outreach and education about root canals and saving your natural teach
  • Supporting endodontic educators and the next generation of endodontists
  • Advocacy on behalf of our members
  • Supporting endodontic research through the AAE Foundation for Endodontics
  • Certifying those with exceptional knowledge and skills through the American Board of Endodontists

Endodontics is one of nine dental specialties formally recognized by the American Dental Association. The AAE is headquartered in Chicago and was founded in 1943 and is dedicated to excellence in the art and science of endodontics and to the highest standard of patient care.