Save Your Tooth Month

Tooth pain can bring anyone down. Anyone who's ever felt this debilitating pain -- from the toughest athlete to the everyday citizen -- knows a bad toothache can be the difference between winning the game or falling behind.

Cue the root canal treatment to the rescue! That's why endodontists are known as the superheroes of saving teeth. And we're giving them an ENTIRE MONTH of recognition.

We look forward to celebrating Save Your Tooth Month 2023 with media appearances, social media celebrations and a surprise or two. Stay tuned ...

Let's make May a month WORTH REMEMBERING.

Saving Natural Teeth

Sometimes your teeth may have infection or disease and will need additional care. When possible, you should always consider treatments to save your teeth. You may think, why not have a tooth pulled, especially if no one can see it, but you will know your tooth is missing and it will negatively impact your quality of life and self-confidence.

What’s more, missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift, affect your ability to properly chew and lead to more problems down the road — and a lot more cost. Tooth extraction often is more painful than the infection itself, and replacing an extracted tooth with an artificial one requires additional dental visits that can quickly add up.

Modern endodontics offers advancements in technologies, procedures and materials, giving you many treatment options to save your natural teeth. It’s important to understand your choices and how they’ll impact both your tooth and your future dental health. It’s always best to retain your natural teeth whenever possible and endodontic treatment should be your first choice for the best health and cosmetic results. Endodontists are specialists in saving teeth, and your natural teeth are worth saving. A specialist can evaluate your condition and provide the best treatment plan to help you save your teeth for a lifetime.


Worth Saving - Why You Should Always Strive to Save Your Natural Teeth


Watch the Video Below to Learn Why Endodontists Are the Superheroes of Saving Teeth

Why Celebrate Root Canals?

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a superhero, here to save your tooth!

The beginning of a root canal procedure means the end of tooth pain. Scheduling a root canal with an endodontist, a specialist with advanced training, means you’ll be meeting with a superhero of saving teeth.

During a root canal procedure, an endodontist removes inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, then fills and seals the space. Afterward, you will return to your dentist, who will place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function.

Save Your Tooth Month celebrates this tooth-saving procedure and the endodontists responsible for saving teeth. While general dentists know how to perform root canals, endodontists spend at least two extra years in training focusing solely on endodontic procedures.

Starting to see how an endodontist is a superhero of saving teeth? There’s more to it than masks, capes and weapons against bacteria. With great power comes great responsibility: to change the way root canals are perceived so we can save even more teeth. This is where you — citizen, patient — come in. So join our legion and be an ambassador for restoring smiles everywhere.


Dr. Soraya V. Gadelha proudly wears her 2022 Save Your Tooth Month mask to let patients know she loves root canal treatments that save teeth.


Edgewater Endodontics celebrates Save Your Tooth Month 2022 with a giant cookie cake!


Beachwood Endodontic Specialists love keeping patients safe as they save their teeth.

Patient Testimonials

A lot of money has been spent on my teeth over my lifetime. When one of my front teeth started to discolor, it made me really nervous! Dr. Christine Ogden was recommended to me, so I went and saw her. She was able to save the tooth by doing a root canal, and then was able to internally whiten the tooth to get it looking just like my other teeth! She is definitely my hero, and her whole staff is so nice and accommodating. I will strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an good endodontist! -Aaron H.

Dr. Douglas J. Katz and his assistants were kind, compassionate and human. They kept it light, relaxing and it wasn't that bad. Actually, it was pain free. Yup. Pain free. Like zero pain. None ... I have a severe fear of dentists due to a series of bad experiences growing up, so going there was horrific. Dr. Katz and his help made it so it was relaxing, comforting and actually a pretty good experience overall. I cannot rave about them or thank them enough. -Mark G.

Dr. Paula Mendez-Montalvo is a miracle worker. I went in for a root canal, and the only way I can sum this up is by saying Dr. Mendez is of superb professionalism and a true expertise in her work. She pays close detail to the patient, how they are doing before surgery, during surgery and after the surgery. Her staff is very attentive, well organized, showed a great deal of kindness and professional communication by thoroughly going over everything and called the following day to check on me. I am very impressed! -Mia S.

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Everyone loves a good superhero story, and everyone should treasure their natural teeth. Maybe you don’t need convincing that your teeth are worth saving -- maybe you've already met with a superhero of saving teeth.

If so, tell your tale and share your smile. Write to us for a chance to be a featured!


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If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you have injured your tooth, your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold, and/or there is swelling around the teeth, gums or your face, you should make an appointment to see an endodontist. Use our powerful Find My Endodontist search tool to find an endodontist in your area, and schedule an appointment with a specialist of saving teeth today! Your natural teeth are worth saving, so treasure them!