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Update Regarding the October 2020 Oral Exam

July 2, 2020

Due to the ever-evolving challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the health and safety concerns for all involved, the ABE has made the difficult decision to postpone the October 2020 Oral Exam.  Many factors were considered while making this determination, and you are certainly aware that we are not the only organization forced into similar conclusions (AAE, APICES, ADA, ADEA, etc.).  We also have recent historical knowledge of the challenges and concerns of hosting the oral exam during a pandemic as our last exam fell in March 2020 when the world was starting to change.  We know that this is disappointing news for all of us, but please understand that we have come to this conclusion after careful consideration, discussion and, most importantly, with the safety and well-being of all of our candidates, examiners, and staff in mind.  Since you all are intelligent, motivated people, news like this can spark negative feelings and the reaction to try to fix the process with alternative suggestions and solutions.  We can assure you that we did not take this decision lightly and we want to hold this exam as much as you want to challenge it.  With that in mind, we ask that you respect our position as a board and consider that there are many more factors involved than just making an exam happen. These factors can affect the board candidates, board members, and staff fiscally, legally, ethically, and personally.

We plan to hold the next Oral Exam in March 2021.   Specific instructions have been emailed to those who just challenged the 2020 Written Exam, as well as Candidates who were already registered for the October 2020 Oral Exam.

As Program Directors ourselves, we too are disappointed, but must succumb to external forces beyond our control. We also wanted you to have this information as soon as possible.  These are extremely difficult decisions with many factors to consider and no “right” answer.  The ABE appreciates the hard work and dedication you have demonstrated thus far toward your goal of Board certification.  While this may be a slight detour for some, it is in no way the end of the journey.

Be safe and be well.

Melissa Drum, D.D.S., M.S.
Secretary, American Board of Endodontics

Brad Johnson, D.D.S., M.H.P.E.
Chair, ABE Oral Exam Committee