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Diplomates have historically been committed to the advancement of the specialty of endodontics and to life-long learning. Recognizing that the continued progression of our specialty requires that same commitment, the ABE implemented the Recertification requirement for those Diplomates who began the process with submission of their Preliminary Application after 1996.

Each Diplomate subject to recertification must submit their hours using either the Microsoft Excel or Word based Recertification forms found below.  All Diplomates are responsible for keeping and updating these documents, by listing the type of activities and the number of hours that have been earned.  Although these forms rely on a self-report mechanism of credits earned, Diplomates must be able to produce acceptable documentation.  Periodic audits may be accomplished on recertification forms and supporting documentation.  Completed forms should be sent via email to the ABE main office at

150 credit hours are required every 10 years for Recertification with the ABE.  You will find the specific breakdown on the hourly requirements on the Recertification Form.

All of the required 150 hours of C.E. credit can be attained through AAE sponsored courses and events.

For Diplomates who attained Board certification in 2017 and beyond, half of the 150 required hours for certification must be attained through AAE sponsored courses and events.  Non-AAE C.E. credits should be limited to 75 total hours.

Please note that the ABE staff are not authorized to determine C.E. course eligibility toward recertification.  Diplomates applying for recertification should use their best judgement to ensure that any non-AAE sponsored courses are relevant to the practice of endodontics, to include topics such as restorative dentistry, medical complications, emergency management, pharmacology, pathophysiology, radiology, etc.

For your convenience, we are offering the Recertification form in two formats:  Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.  You will need this software, based on whichever form you choose, to fill out the form.  If you are using the Excel spreadsheet on a Mac, please use the 2016 (or newer) version of the software.

Here is an instructional video on how to fill out the Recertification form.  If you would like to watch the video in a larger viewer, please click here.

If you have any questions on the form or the process of recertification, please contact us.


Download the Microsoft Excel Based Recertification Form for Diplomates Requiring Recertification Before 2026 (Updated September 4, 2019)

Download the Microsoft Excel Based Recertification Form for Diplomates Requiring Recertification in 2027 or later (Updated September 4, 2019)


Download the Microsoft Word Based Recertification Form for Diplomates Who Require Recertification Before 2026

Download the Microsoft Word Based Recertification Form for Diplomates Who Require Recertification in 2027 and Later

Please Note:  There is a $300 fee required for Recertification.  Please pay this fee when you submit your Recertification Form.

Pay My Recertification Fee

Partnered with the honor of being a Diplomate is the obligation to maintain excellence in endodontic endeavors. We must continuously seek opportunities to learn, to expand our knowledge base, to improve and expand our clinical skills, to keep abreast of the latest technologies, to teach, to do research, and to contribute to our specialty by sharing our knowledge with others through reading, lecturing and publication.

The ABE developed the requirements for issuance of a new ten-year time-limited certificate incorporating the core values associated with the title of Diplomate, continuing education, authorship and teaching.

Although Certification maintenance is mandatory for only those Diplomates who hold time-limited certificates, all Diplomates are encouraged and welcome to participate in the process.

The Diplomate may begin to accumulate credits following his/her initial certification date, thus establishing the maintenance process as a continuing learning experience. The formal application for certification maintenance shall be made between the seventh and tenth year from the original date of Board Certification. Following approval of the application by the Directors of the American Board of Endodontics, the Diplomate will be issued a new ten-year time-limited certificate to date from the tenth anniversary of the initial certificate.

Diplomates who have remained in good standing and have completely retired from compensated teaching and/or the practice of endodontics are eligible for retired status upon written request to the Board.  If a Diplomate in retired status returns to active status due to compensated teaching and/or the practice of endodontics and is required to recertify, then the Diplomate must comply with and continue the recertification and maintenance dues process until compensated teaching and/or practice is completed.  The parameters and timelines for that would be same as if retired status had not previously been enacted. All associated requests regarding retired status may be submitted by email to   Retired Diplomate status shall become effective on January 1 of the year following retirement approval by the BOD.  Annual membership dues will no longer be required for Diplomates in approved retired status.