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Written Examination

Examination Date: May 16, 2023
Location: Pearson Vue US and Canada Testing Centers
Application Process with the ABE Begins: November 8, 2022*
Application Deadline: January 6, 2023
Applications may not be accepted after the deadline listed above.

*Once you submit your applications with the ABE, you must then register to sit for the exam directly with Pearson Vue.  For those eligible to take the ABE Written Exam, please check your email for applications and information prior to the registration date.

Pearson Vue Registration

Upon completion of the ABE application process, applicants will receive instructions on scheduling their Written Exam directly with Pearson Vue.  Instructions will include the date Pearson Vue will open their test center registration.

Test center registration is done on a first-come first-serve basis and centers rapidly fill to capacity.  We recommend scheduling the exam with Pearson Vue the day that their test center registration opens.

Selecting a Pearson Vue Testing Center

In association with Data Recognition Corporation and Pearson Vue, the ABE Written Examination is administered as a computer-based examination at Pearson Vue testing centers. Pearson Professional Test Centers are strategically located around the world, helping to eliminate the inconvenience and expense of air travel, hotel accommodations and additional time away from work. All of Pearson’s testing centers are uniform in size, equipment, appearance, and procedures, ensuring a consistent and secure examination experience for all Candidates. Testing center directions will be included in the confirmation letter.

Written Examination

The Written Examination contains 200 questions. Questions are multiple choice, consisting of a stem with four foils, and are designed to test recall skills and the Candidate’s ability to apply knowledge, interpret data and solve problems.

The subject areas include anatomy, biochemistry, embryology, general and oral pathology, microanatomy, immunology, inflammation, microbiology, pharmacology, vascular and neurophysiology, pulpal and periradicular pathophysiology, radiology, oral medicine, biostatistics, clinical endodontics, dental materials related to endodontics, related dental disciplines, and classic and current literature.

Download the Written Exam Guidelines