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  • Prospective Board Candidate Application - $275
    • This fee will transfer and pay in full the Preliminary Application fee required for Board Eligible status if the Preliminary Application is submitted by December 31 of the year the Written Exam was taken.
  • Preliminary Application - $275
  • Written Examination - $250
  • Case History Examination Fee - $725
  • Oral Examination Fee - $850
  • Recertification Fee - $300

Annual Fees

Maintenance Fee for Candidates - $200

Special Note on Annual Maintenance Fees

All Board-Eligible Candidates are required to pay the Annual Maintenance Fee starting the year after their Preliminary Application is approved through the year the Candidate achieves Board Certification. Failure to pay the Annual Maintenance Fee by March 1 will result in the loss of Board Eligible status.

Registration Fee for Diplomates - $275

Annual Fees and Assessments

To keep in good standing, each Diplomate is required to pay an annual registration fee to support the Certification programs of the Board. The annual registration fee for new Diplomates is due on January 1 of the year immediately after their Certification. Payment of any assessment approved by the Board is also required of all Diplomates.

AAE Membership Directory

All Diplomates in good standing that are active members of the AAE will be listed in the annual Membership Directory.

All certifying boards are required to issue an annual registration fee by the American Dental Association. As published in the ADA’s Recognition of Dental Specialties and National Certifying Board for Dental Specialists, “Each board shall require an annual registration fee from each of its diplomates intended to assist in supporting financially the continued program of the board.”