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Thank you for your interest in attaining Board certification with the ABE!

In order that you take the appropriate first or next step in your Board certification process, please read the categories below and follow the instructions that best apply to you.

Are You An Endodontic Resident Eager to Get Started on Your Journey to Board Certification?

If you are an endodontic resident at a CODA or CDAC accredited program receiving your endodontic certificate next year, you should receive an email from our central office ( mid-November of the current year.  The email will include instructions on how to submit the ABE Prospective Board Candidate Application, followed by the Written Exam Application and fees associated with each application.  Upon completion of the ABE application process, applicants will receive instructions on scheduling their Written Exam directly with Pearson Vue.  Instructions will include the date Pearson Vue will open their test center registration. 

If you meet the requirements listed above, please be sure to check your Inbox, Spam and Junk folders for the email in mid-November of the current year before contacting for further assistance. 

For specific dates and additional information regarding the ABE Written Exam, please visit our Written Exam webpage.

Are You an Endodontist Who Has Already Received Their Endodontic Certificate and Would like to Begin the Board Certification Process?

If you have an endodontics certificate from a CODA or CDAC accredited program, please contact us at, and we will email you the appropriate instructions and Preliminary Application online form.

Are You and Endodontist Who Needs to Re-establish Eligibility with the ABE in order to Continue the Board Certification Process?

Please contact us at, and we will email you the appropriate instructions and online form.

Are You A Current Candidate Ready to Challenge Your Next Exam?

  • Oral Exam Registration
    Please visit our Oral Exam page for the most current exam information or contact with questions about eligibility requirements.
  • Case History Exam Registration
    To register for the case history exam, please visit our Case History Portfolio Submission website at You will need your Candidate number in order to register.

Do You Require Special Accommodations for an Upcoming Exam?

Please read the Special Accommodations Policy, which can be found in our Policy and Procedures Manual.  Special accommodation requests can be sent to

Helpful Terms and Processes as You Begin and Advance in Your Journey to Board Certification

Prospective Board Candidate
An endodontic resident, enrolled in the year that the certificate in endodontics will be issued from an advanced education program in endodontics accredited by either the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of the ADA, or the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC), whose application and payment for the Written Examination fee have been accepted and approved by the ABE.

Educationally Qualified Endodontist
An endodontist who has been issued a certificate in endodontics from an advanced education program in endodontics accredited by either CODA or CDAC who has not yet submitted or has not had their ABE application and credentials approved by the ABE credentials committee.

Board Eligible Candidate
Board Eligible status is only available to endodontists that have received a certificate in endodontics by an advanced education program in endodontics accredited by CODA or CDAC. Qualified endodontists may achieve Board Eligible status by completing a Preliminary application followed by approval of the ABE credentials committee.

Track Selection
Track Selection is chosen by the applicant when submitting the Preliminary Application.  It is the order in which you will challenge the three exams necessary to attain Board certification with the ABE.
Tracks are as follows:

Track I – Written Examination, Case History Portfolio Examination and Oral Examination
Track II - Case History Portfolio Examination, Written Examination and Oral Examination
Track III - Written Examination, Oral Examination and Case History Examination

Board Certified Endodontist
An endodontist who has satisfied all requirements of the certification process of the ABE has been declared Board Certified by the Directors of the ABE, and maintains Board Certification. This individual is a Diplomate of the ABE.

For a complete listing of our terms, processes and other useful information, please see our Policy and Procedures Manual.