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Giving Over the Years

The Foundation’s generous donors are compelled to pledge in support of the specialty for various reasons. With initiatives focused on research, education, public awareness and access to care, the Foundation funds programs and activities that are relevant throughout all stages of their career. Learn about what motivated some of our donors to make their first contribution and why they continue to support the specialty into the future.

Patrick E. Taylor, D.D.S.
First pledge: 1996 ($2,000)
Pledge Level: Emerald

I first made a pledge back in 1996 hoping that I could help support our specialty.  The intent was to establish an endowment of three million dollars to fund research. In the early part of the 21st century the scope expanded to support endodontic educators through educator fellowships.  Recently the scope has broadened again to support access to care issues.  The impact on public awareness of Endodontics and Endodontists is considerable.

I am most proud of my contribution to this grand enterprise that has been so good for Endodontics.  The need for the Foundation continues. Please join me in giving and continuing to give to ensure our specialty’s forward momentum.

Juheon Seung, DDS, MS
First Pledge: 2015 ($2,000)
Pledge Level: Patron

As a resident, I decided to make a pledge because I saw that a large part of my resident life was supported by the Foundation.  Faculty members supported by the foundation educated me, my research was funded by the Foundation, and one of my most remarkable memories of residency was participating in the Foundation’s outreach project to Jamaica.

Now in private practice, I believe it’s important to contribute, not only to give the next generation of residents the same experiences I was fortunate to have, but my support helps the Foundation promote saving teeth by increasing the visibility of Endodontics and endodontists.  The Foundation’s mission of educating patients and other dentists about Endodontics ultimately helps my practice thrive.

Alan H. Gluskin, D.D.S.
First Pledge: 1995 ($5,000)
Pledge Level: Diamond

I made my first contribution to the Foundation in the 1990’s. I view this commitment as supporting a specialty that gave me significant purpose in my life; a career of distinction for the son of an immigrant family and personal self-worth.

If we believe that saving the natural dentition is an important oral health initiative, that leaves us endodontists as one of the only significant resources for education, research and funding of the projects and initiatives we feel are worthy, and to which we are passionately committed. Endodontics has given us all many things in our lives and our commitment to give back should always be something we reflect on and continue.

Nava Fathi, D.D.S.
First pledge: 1998 ($2,000)
Pledge Level: Founder

I initially gave to the foundation as a recent graduate because someone asked me to give.There is great power in a peer asking another peer to contribute towards a cause that they both believe in.

I have continued my support of the Foundation throughout the years as I truly believe that by giving back, I can make a difference.  It is a privilege and an honor to be an endodontist.  By giving back to our profession, I hope to enhance the lives of students by supporting our educators as they move our profession forward.