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Supporting endodontic education is critical to the growth and future success of the specialty. It is our mission to ensure that dental students are taught endodontics by highly qualified specialists in the field who remain passionate about endodontics and are at the forefront of research and technology.

The Foundation’s Endodontic Educator Fellowship Awards is one example of a funding opportunity that does just this! To date, our commitment to education within the specialty has resulted in more than $1.7 million invested in new educators and scientists from 22 Fellowship Awards. These recipients head departments, serve on boards and committees, and are passionate about the success of their students and their institutions.

To learn more about the Foundation's Educator Fellows, please watch the video below.

We also support endodontic educators and departments through a variety of Educator Grants that help ensure excellence and enhance development in the specialty. Support ranges from the Ten-Year Anniversary Grant, which rewards qualified applicants for reaching the ten-year mark as full-time, endodontic educators, to the Full-Time Endodontic Educator Development Grant, which provides funding for continuing education and professional development from a variety of providers.

The Endowed Faculty Matching Grant assists college and university endodontic departments with their own philanthropic initiatives by offering $100,000 to complete an eligible campaign to fund a permanent faculty position. Nine universities have received this award and ensured that a specialist in the field will occupy a leadership position in their dental department.

The Foundation has identified endodontic education has a focus area of its 2017 – 2019 strategic plan. It has developed several goals to support endodontic educators and strengthen the specialty’s educational institutions.