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Who We Are

About the Foundation for Endodontics

The AAE Foundation was incorporated in 1966, as the philanthropic arm of the AAE; it is a 501(c)3 charity. Over the years, its mission and activities have evolved. Today, the AAE Foundation, nicknamed the Foundation for Endodontics, makes a lasting impact on the specialty of endodontics by providing resources to address needs, meet challenges and realize dreams for the future. The Foundation makes a lasting impact on the specialty of endodontics. Learn more about the Foundation's history through the thoughts of those who helped shape it.

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The mission of the Foundation for Endodontics is to support endodontics by providing resources and funding for research, education, public awareness and access to care.

The Foundation is fulfilling its mission through various activities, funding initiatives, and a long-term strategic plan. Check out the projects below to better understand how the Foundation is the number one supporter of the specialty:


The Foundation for Endodontics supports saving natural teeth for all through the efforts of endodontic specialists.

Core Values

Integrity, Accountability, Responsiveness, Innovation, Collaboration, Impactfuness