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Access to Care

Outreach encompasses access to care and raising public awareness of the endodontic specialty which are cornerstones of the Foundation’s mission. This includes assisting patients in underserved communities, highlighting the role endodontics play in the dental community, providing mentorship and hands-on opportunities for dental students to work alongside specialists, and engaging younger members. The Foundation formed REACH, the Resident Expert Advisory Council, consisting of 10 endodontic residents, to advise the Foundation on outreach efforts.

Thanks to your support, endodontists are able to make an impact on an international level during four annual trips to assist a dental clinic in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, through the Foundation for Endodontics and Henry Schein Cares Foundation Outreach Program. Participating endodontists and residents are able to give desperately needed care to underprivileged patients, save teeth and improve the quality of life for many.

In early 2018 the Foundation’s first domestic outreach pilot project Launched in Philadelphia, PA in partnership with Project HOME and Einstein Medical Center’s Endodontic Program. Work is underway to identify future opportunities to serve both domestic and international communities. The Foundation’s Board of trustees is working to develop a permanent program similar to the one established internationally. 

Outreach activities/goals include:

  • treating patients in underserved communities
  • providing the highest level of care to all patients
  • demonstrating the value of endodontics in dentistry and advocating for the specialty
  • providing mentorship and hands-on opportunities for dental students to work alongside specialists
  • engaging a younger demographic of members of the American Association of Endodontists

Outreach efforts not only help patients receive much-needed dental care to save teeth, they enrich the lives of the endodontists and residents who provide the assistance. Those who have volunteered on past trips count the experience as extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the Foundation for Endodontics' outreach efforts.