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The goal of the Resident Expert Advisory Council (REACH) is to help the Foundation understand how it can better serve and engage a new generation of endodontists.

REACH is a great opportunity for residents to learn about organized dentistry and to develop their potential to become future leaders. Beginning in 2023, the committee will be composed of seven residents. An effort is made to select residents who represent a broad cross-section of the community with diversity in race, background, program-type, institution, and talents. Individuals are selected during the first year of their residency, and terms run through
the end of the calendar year of their graduation date. Interested candidates may self-nominate.

Current Members

Members are listed alphabetically along with their residency programs and graduation year.

  • Morgan Celistan, Harvard University (2023)
  • Han Na Cho, University of Texas at Houston (2022)
  • Ksenia Fedorova, University of British Columbia (2022)
  • Binait Kabir, University of Maryland (2022)
  • Shahd Nawari, University of Florida (2022)
  • Daphne Chung, University of California at San Francisco (2023)
  • Julia Kim, Tufts University (2023)
  • Zakery James, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (2023)
  • Corey Rollor, University of Maryland (2024)
  • Jacob Simon, University of Connecticut (2024)