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The goal of the Resident Expert Advisory Council (REACH) is to help the Foundation understand how it can better serve and engage a new generation of endodontists.

REACH is a great opportunity for residents to learn about organized dentistry and to develop their potential to become future leaders. The committee is composed of ten residents. An effort is made to select participants from each AAE district and individuals who represent a broad cross-section of the resident community. Members serve for two years. Nominations are solicited from the AAE and Foundation Boards and graduate program directors.

Resident Expert Advisory Council

Members are listed along with their residency programs and graduation year.

  • Kelly Barbera, Tufts University (2020)
  • Alexandria Butler, Harvard University (2019)
  • Lindsey Chang, Texas A&M University (2020)
  • Rachel Kalman, University of Connecticut (2021)
  • Carolyn Kilbride, University of Connecticut (2019)
  • Steven Kim, Columbia University (2020)
  • Lauren Kuhn, Medical University of South Carolina (2020)
  • Gordon Lai, University of the Pacific (2020)
  • Yagnik Patel, University of Illinois at Chicago (2020)
  • Kortnie Strother, University of Texas at Houston (2020)

Criteria for Nominees

  • First-year endodontic resident at a two-year or three-year program that is accredited in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Student in good standing who can represent their institution in a professional manner
  • Demonstrated leadership and involvement in the graduate program.
  • Significant interest in endodontics and the ability to articulate goals.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to articulate the opinions and philosophy of the newest AAE members.
  • Ability to work with others on a committee and to be an innovative thinker.

Role of Council Members

  • Advisors: Serve in an advisory capacity to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.
  • Ambassadors: Carry the Foundation’s message to other endodontic residents.
  • Advocates: Advocate for endodontic residents.
  • Philanthropists: Support the Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign as well as their academic program’s philanthropic goals.


  • Attend and actively participate in meetings set by the Foundation (see below).
  • Serve on select sub-committees or other duties as assigned.
  • Respond to requests and complete projects in a timely manner.
  • Host or participate in events that promote awareness of the Foundation.
  • Identify and engage other residents in supporting Foundation activities.
  • Hold the appointment to REACH in high regard and effectively represent an endodontic program.


Each year, the REACH Committee meets at the AAE annual meeting (time TBD) and at APICES on Friday morning prior to the beginning of the program that afternoon. There is the possibility of a third meeting each year, in Chicago. The REACH meeting agendas are prepared by the Foundation's President-Elect with input from the President. The Foundation President, New Practitioner Trustee and chair of the Special Committee on Marketing also attend the REACH meetings. Two - three REACH members are selected each year to attend the Foundation's Interim (October or November at the location of the AAE's Insight Track meeting) and Annual Board Meetings (March or April in Chicago).

REACH members receive one night's per diem, one night of hotel accommodations and travel expenses to the APICES meeting. Travel expenses are not covered for attending the meeting at the AAE's annual meeting. The residents who are selected to attend the Foundation's Interim and Annual Board of Trustees Meetings will receive two night's per diem, two night's of hotel accommodations and travel expenses to the meeting.

We are always looking to involve more residents! In January, new residents will be selected to replace those who graduated the previous year. The deadline for applications is January 15, each year. Applicants must either be in their first-year at a two- or three-year program to be eligible.

Nominations are solicited from members of the AAE and Foundation Boards and graduate program directors. Any of these individuals can serve as a sponsor when completing the nomination form. All completed nomination forms, as well as questions concerning the program or submission process, contact the development coordinator at