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Department Grants

Endowed Faculty Matching Grant

This grant strengthens endodontic education by ensuring that endodontics is taught by endodontists and that the specialty is highly visible and well represented in dental schools.

Endowed Faculty Matching Grants are open to any U.S. or Canadian dental school that is accredited by or has a reciprocal agreement with the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association and that is seeking to endow a permanent academic or research position in endodontics. Any institution that has been funded with the Endowed Faculty Matching Grant cannot reapply for another 10 years following grant acceptance.

Beginning in 2024, requests will be considered for up to 10% of the amount required for the applicant schools’ endowed position, not to exceed $200,000. Applications for the Endowed Faculty Matching Grant will be considered when the applicant institution has 60% of the money in hand, required to fund the faculty position, in hand (minus the total of the requested Endowed Faculty Matching Grant). For example, if the total funding needed to endow the faculty position is $1,000,000, and the school is applying for 10%, or $100,000, then, the applicant institution should have already raised at least 60% of $900,000, or $540,000. Review the updated guidelines.

Grants will be paid upon the institution’s completion of agreed upon fundraising goals. In the event that the institution is unable to endow a faculty position in endodontics, the Foundation must be notified with 14 days of that decision. Any portion of the grant that has been paid, must be refunded to the Foundation with interest at the prime rate within 30 days.

All funding decisions are the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Deadline for application: October 1, annually