Student Ambassadors

Residents are among the most enthusiastic donors. Since the the Foundation started fundraising, resident pledging has grown! Student Ambassadors are the Foundation’s representatives to graduate endodontic programs across the country. These special ambassadors introduce residents to the Foundation and encourage their participation in each annual campaign.

Student Ambassadors are provided with a presentation and other materials to make their visits successful. The cost of travel and accommodations is covered and a stipend is provided to all volunteers.

“These school visits represent a coming together of youth and experience to seek a common goal, the improvement of endodontic care for our patients,” said Dr. Peter A. Morgan, a Student Ambassador. “Most residents understand this message, even though they may be at an economically challenging time in their career. The result is that many residents make a pledge to the Foundation and many programs have 100% participation in pledging with their residents.”

Each year, the list of Student Ambassadors grows and changes! If you are interested in volunteering as a Student Ambassador or hosting a visit to your program, contact A member of the Foundation staff will be in touch with more information.