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Competitive Research Grant Recipients

Support for endodontic research lies at the heart of the Foundation for Endodontic's mission. Approximately $260,000 is allocated to research grants annually. Funding is awarded to both residents and faculty members. The Foundation continues to support the specialty’s research initiatives as one of its main priorities.

Below are names and institutions of funded researchers. Thank you to all applicants for submitting research that strengthens and advances the specialty of endodontics.

Spring 2024

Grantees Total: $84,249.72

Maryam Ghaffari*$25,867.00 University of TorontoEngineering a Biomimetic Microenvironment for the Maintenance of Quiescent Dental Pulp Stem Cells
Poorya Jalali$16,764.00Texas A&M UniversityEvaluation of irrigant extrusion when using Er,Cr YSGG laser in a cadaver model
Bruno Cavalcanti$5,364.00University of MichiganEvaluation of intracanal medications on periapical inflammatory and bone metabolism cytokines in endodontic infections of healthy patients or patients treated with head and neck radiotherapy
Anibal Diogenes$35,254.72University of Texas at San AntonioComparative evaluation of antigen removal from infected root canals by GentleWave or Laser-activated Irrigation

Fall 2023

Grantees Total: $56,362.13

Shivani Desai$4,401.13University of TorontoFactors Affecting the Time Lapse Between Restorations and Pulp Disease: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Christopher Hawkins$8,600.00University of Alabama at BirminghamOutcomes of Vital Pulp Therapy with Tricalcium Silicates in a Dental School Patient Population
Frederico Martinho**$15,675.00University of MarylandPiezoelectric Device and Dynamic Navigation System Integration for Bone-window Guided Surgery: A Cadaver Study
Ronald Ordinola-Zapata$19,791.00University of MinnesotaRoot Canal Microbiome Composition and Genes Encoding Toxins in Subjects with Periapical Bone Loss
Danielle Stein-Meyerson*$7,895.00University of TorontoPhotomechanical Investigation on the Impact of Endodontic Cavity Design on the Biomechanical Response in Mandibular First Molar and Premolar Teeth

*Indicates researchers who received $500 award for the highest scoring proposal.