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Funding Opportunities

Distributing funds for endodontic research, education and access to care is the most exciting and rewarding role of the Foundation for Endodontics. Each year, the Board of Trustees approves a budget to fund various grants, awards and fellowships to support the specialty.

Year-over-year the Foundation’s budget provides nearly $1.5 million for grants supporting research, education, and access to care initiatives.

For the better part of the Foundation’s history, it has made endodontic research a priority, providing as much funding as the year allowed. Over time, that support has grown! Thanks to gracious donors, the Foundation has seen steady and impressive growth since the early 2000s in the amount of funding to research grants. Research grants, funded twice a year, are reviewed and evaluated by the AAE’s Research and Scientific Affairs Committee.

The graphics below show year-by-year research funding activity since 2001.

The Foundation for Endodontics is proud of the research it has funded and feels these statistics tell the story of the organization and its growth over time.