AAE Annual Reports

The AAE Annual Reports detail the activities and accomplishments of the AAE, the Foundation for Endodontics and the American Board of Endodontics for each fiscal year. Read the reports for membership trends and profiles, the statements of financial position for the Association and Foundation, and how the three organizations work to advance the endodontic specialty, including:

  • Developing continuing education programs and practice management resources for members
  • Advocating for the specialty in the legislature and with dental insurers
  • Promoting the skills and expertise of Endodontists to the public and the dental community
  • Funding innovative endodontic access to care, research and educational initiatives

Revisit the 2016-2017 membership year with the Year in Review video, highlighting the activities and accomplishments of the past AAE membership year. This special video celebrates record-shattering events and the progress we’ve made around key pillars of education, development and advocacy. It’s also a reminder of the many benefits of belonging to AAE — now 8,000-plus members strong.

View past AAE Annual Reports:

To look back further, visit the annual report archives in our history section.