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Research Priorities

The AAE has defined the knowledge areas in which the specialty should focus the greatest attention. These priorities change in response to developments in clinical practice.

A. Assessment of Clinical Outcomes

B. Assessment of New Methods of Diagnosis, Treatment Modalities and Technology, such as Devices and Materials

C. Biology of Pulpal and Periradicular Tissues

D. Cracks and Fractures in Teeth

E. Demographics/Epidemiology of Pulpal and Periradicular Disease

F. Endodontic/Implant Relationships

G. External and Internal Resorption

H. Educational Research

I. Tissue Engineering—Regeneration of the Pulpodentin Complex and Periradicular Tissues

J. Trauma

K. COVID-19 Focused Studies

    1. Studies focusing on the biological aspects of COVID-19 and the potential implications to pulpal and periapical disease and healing.
    2. Epidemiological studies looking at direct infection of dental/endodontic patients and dental care providers/staff.
    3. Assessment on adequate clinical/chair-side testing, validation and risk review for suspected COVID patients in practice.
    4. Assessment on patient management and prevention of nosocomial infection. i.e. studies considering safety and best practices in reducing or eliminating aerosol production, impact of dental dam use on eliminating viral-containing aerosols, comparison of products for aerosol production (i.e.; electric handpieces (e.g., 0.1-0.5% NaOCl), as well as other safety and hazard issues associated with COVID-19 risk. Studies addressing specific recommendations for using the microscope; ultrasonics, handpiece guidelines and other specific issues involving the chairside practice of endodontics for a specialty office, for best practices in infection control but not necessarily in viral aerosols or other aspects of viral spread or viral protections are welcome.
    5. Survey Assessment of the effect of COVID-19 on endodontic clinical practice.