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Regenerative Database

The AAE’s Regenerative Database is an ongoing effort, facilitated by the AAE’s Regenerative Endodontics Committee, to gather data to establish best practices for treatment and future research on the incompletely developed tooth with a necrotic pulp.

Access the current considerations for regenerative procedures.

Contribute to the Regenerative Database

The committee needs your help! Please take the time and care to submit information related to your revascularization cases. It is looking for information on both successful and unsuccessful cases. If you have already submitted a case, you are encouraged to enter follow-up information, when available.

To submit your case:

  1. Visit the Regenerative Database.
  2. Click through to enter all information and data necessary. This should take about 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. When you have completed a patient follow-up appointment, visit the follow-up survey to enter information. Don’t forget this step; it will help provide the most accurate and complete information.

Encourage Your Colleagues to Participate

Help us reach the broader endodontic and dental community – click to share the link to this page along with a short overview of the program.

Many willing participants have already provided cases and follow-ups to move this initiative along and provide valued information for the future of the specialty. We are grateful to these committed endodontists:

  • James Abbott
  • Tim Adams
  • Guido Aesaert
  • Vivek Aggarwal
  • Bahar Asheghi
  • Jessica Barr
  • Brian Bergeron
  • Anotonio Berto
  • Tatiana Botero
  • Paul Brent
  • Tung Bui
  • Elizabeth Claffey
  • Kristi Detwiler-Donley
  • Scott Eddy
  • William Freccia
  • Kenneth Frick
  • Shimon Friedman
  • Todd Geisler
  • Andreea Gociu
  • Jason Hales
  • Michael Hoen
  • Fadi Jarad
  • Barbara Kabes
  • Deborah Knaup
  • Jojo Kottoor
  • James Kulild
  • Margot Kusienski
  • Alan Law
  • Kimberly Lindquist
  • Theodoros Lykogeorgos
  • Chirag Macwan
  • Sandra Madison
  • Bayardo Martell
  • Karen Matos
  • Donna Mattscheck
  • Philip Michaelson
  • Jason Michel
  • Stuart Miller
  • Julian Moiseiwitsch
  • Paul Moyer
  • Peter Murphy
  • Alan Nevins
  • Ali Nosrat
  • Nancy Osborne
  • Paulo Palma
  • Joseph Petrino
  • Philip Radtke
  • Louis Rossman
  • Kyle Schroeder
  • Christine Sedgley
  • Naseem Shah
  • Sandra Shambarger
  • Yoav Shiloah
  • Sang Shin
  • Aliyah Shivji
  • Isil Sonmez
  • Kenneth Spolnik
  • Heather Sulte
  • Kayla Tavares
  • Blayne Thibodeau
  • Randolph Todd
  • Dennis Tucker
  • Gertrude Van Gorp
  • Tom Vanderberghe
  • Kunwar Vir
  • Rebeca Weisleder
  • Rustin West
  • Anne Williamson
  • Philip Zaveloff