Your Teeth Are Worth Saving

At the AAE Board’s directive, implement a multi-year public awareness campaign with the goal that: “The public will value saving their natural teeth and seek endodontists as the first choice for their care. They will understand what an endodontist does and how they are different from general dentistry providers.”

To truly get into the spirit of treasuring what's "Worth Saving", we wanted to get to know some other "savers" out there who work to save other things that are worth preserving and revering. In this first "saver" video, our very own Dr. Louis E. Rossman sat down with Jilliann Wilcox, senior art conservator with Philadelphia's Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts to learn more about what it is that she saves -- and also talk teeth.

The “Worth Saving” campaign has launched. “Worth Saving” is meant to bring to life that, like your natural teeth, there are things, people and places that are worth revering. In a world where people often look to buy the newest version or the trendiest item, we want to pay respect and homage to things that cannot be replaced and are truly “worth saving.”

Like our nation’s beautiful 2,596 historic landmarks, our 32 natural teeth are Worth Saving and deserve specialty care! The AAE launched  an innovative consumer engagement campaign pilot to increase awareness about the important specialty care our 8,000 members provide, and to help the public realize the importance of preserving their natural teeth. The campaign is a combination of social media and digital promotion, time-tested earned press media, activation of affiliate and non-profit members, and direct consumer engagement activities.

The Worth Saving campaign pilot launch is in the first year of a planned three-year initiative. The online ads are a mix of search engine advertising, sponsored Facebook posts and online display advertising. Patients who click on the ads will be sent to the AAE’s Find My Endodontist online search tool. The online search tool allows prospective patients to easily find an AAE Member Endodontist based on distance and office hours, and it allows patients to contact the practice via email or phone to make appointments.

The campaign uses the tagline “Worth Saving” to help reinforce the importance of retaining your natural teeth and seeking an endodontist, a specialist in saving teeth, as the first choice for care.

Learn more by watching this informative video below:

About “Worth Saving”

  • The campaign stresses the importance of saving one’s natural teeth versus the overused, costly and arguably more complicated process of extraction.
  • It combines the latest in social media and digital promotion, time-tested earned press media, activation of our affiliate and non-profit members, and direct consumer engagement activities.
  • It also is intended to grow the public’s awareness of who endodontists are, the important work we do and drive traffic to our “Find My Endodontist” tool on our website.
  • “Worth Saving” works to tie themes about saving things and other people whose job is to save things to endodontists through surveys, contests and video activations
  • The initiative draws from surveys and research conducted by AAE to help get a sense of what consumers think are worth saving---including their natural teeth.
  • Worth Saving seeks to garner earned media by developing and leveraging relationships with local and national news sources.

How is the AAE promoting our specialty and the ‘Worth Saving’ campaign?

The AAE is using a series of digital ads that will direct people who are seeking treatment for their tooth pain to AAE’s “Find My Endodontist” page.

  • Pictured above, is one of our ads featured on CNN's website. Click here to view one of the sponsored search results ads we placed with Google AdWords.
  • We’ll also be using videos that tell stories about the things people save and people who save things brought to you by endodontists and to be shared across different online platforms.

Worth Saving In The News!

The Worth Saving Landmark Competition:

As a profession that saves natural teeth, we ran a “what’s worth saving” landmarks contest asking consumers to vote on their choice landmark most worth saving, and we worked with associated preservationist groups to leverage their social media and press platforms to help promote the competition.


  • The Charles River Esplanade  won the Worth Saving Landmarks Contest!
  • The Esplanade Association, preservationist group for the Charles River Esplanade,  received a $20,000 donation from AAE. In addition, AAE provided $30,000 in free endodontic services to those in need in the city of Boston.
  •   Thousands of people  voted are a true testament to how valued these four great natural landmarks are. Just like your natural teeth, these natural landmarks are truly worth saving, preserving and revering.
  • In addition to the Charles River Esplanade, other landmarks in the contest included the Chicago River of Chicago; the Phil Hardberger Park of San Antonio, Texas; and Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia. The contest generated more than 400,000 votes from people across the nation.

Who is the AAE’s target audience?

  • Given the targeted resources we have for the campaign pilot, it’s important that we focus on some specified audiences.
  • After conducting an extensive study in conjunction with marketing experts from our public relations firm, the AAE is focusing on younger adult men and women who fall in middle to higher income brackets.
  • Our research indicates these are the demographics most likely to seek out information and act on that information for specialty dental care.

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