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AAE Resident Awards & Winners

The AAE Resident Awards recognize the ten highest-scoring endodontic post-graduate student presenters in each category. In order to be eligible to present in this category, presenters and co-presenters must be endodontic residents at a CODA accredited institution and Resident Members of the AAE (or Active 1st Year Members if presenting research completed during residency and graduated prior year). Postgraduate endodontic presentations will be judged, unless the presenter indicates he/she does not wish to participate in the competition. There is only one award per presentation. The abstract represents 25 percent of the total score and the presentation represents 75 percent. Abstracts are scored by the Research and Scientific Affairs Committee, and presentations are scored by AAE members selected by the committee chairs.

Congratulations to the AAE21 Winners

*Updated as of 5/10/2021

Table Clinics

  1. Iryna Hryvenko Daline, DMD, MS, University of North Carolina
  2. Gabriela Delgado, DDS, Albert Einstein Medical Center
  3. Jeffrey M. Clark, DMD, Naval Postgraduate Dental School, Bethesda; Joshua P. Dale, DDS, Medical University of South Carolina
  4. Ryne Jackson, DMD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  5. Eunchong Ju, DDS, Columbia University
  6. Heather Burbick, DDS & John W. Gallegos, DDS, Texas A&M University Baylor
  7. Anthony Fioretti, DDS & Kristofer Harris, DDS, Naval Postgraduate Dental School, Bethesda
  8. Sally R. Hays, DDS, MS, University of Iowa
  9. Christina Cho, DMD, Columbia University
  10. Anmar Janabi, DDS, MSD, University of Maryland

Poster Research

  1. Pei Wang, DDS, University of Texas at San Antonio
  2. Elise K. Ellingsen Miller, DDS, University of Washington
  3. Michael Eskander, DDS, PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio
  4. Fernando Marques da Cunha, DDS, University of Pennsylvania; Thomas J. Lucas, DMD, PhD, University of Alabama
  5. Alexandru Paraschiv Dobriceanu, D.MD , Laval University
  6. Andrew W. Hubbard, DMD & Enrique R. Bursian, DMD, University of Tennessee
  7. Aria R. Sharma, DMD, University of Pennsylvania
  8. Lo-Shen Chen, DDS, Ohio State University; Vi K. Dao, DDS, University of California, Los Angeles; Ariyan S. Ravangard, DDS, University at Buffalo; Lauren Tiffen, DDS, University of Pennsylvania; Bailey K. Weightman, DDS, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  9. Milica M. Golubovich, DMD, University of Illinois at Chicago
  10. Lolwa M. Alyahya, DDS, Virginia Commonwealth University

Oral Research

  1. Zhen Shen, DMD, PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  2. Lily See, DDS, University of Pennsylvania
  3. Fang-Chi Li, DDS, PhD, University of Toronto & Moein Seyed Sadrkhani, M.S, University of California, Los Angeles
  4. Matthew L. Andrews, DMD, Georgia Regents University
  5. Biraj Patel, BDS, University of Texas at San Antonio
  6. Omid Dianat, DDS, MS, University of Maryland & Aldo del Carpio Perochena, PhD, University of Toronto
  7. Bracken G. Smith, DMD, MS, United States Air Force Post-Graduate Dental School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio
  8. Kelsie J. Pittel, DDS, University of Iowa
  9. Nerisa Limansubroto, DDS, MSD, University of Washington
  10. Hanh Tran, DMD, University of Connecticut