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The Paper Point

The Paper Point, is an e-newsletter designed specifically for residents and young endodontists by the Resident and New Practitioner Committee. It delivers timely news, helpful hints and general information of importance to young endodontists.

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Saving is Neither Old-Fashioned Nor Cliché: It’s Common Sense

As financial planners, we have always stressed the importance of building a financial future on a solid foundation. When speaking with clients who are new to our practice, our first question is: “how healthy are your emergency reserves?” And by that we mean: “how much cash do you have on hand?” We always suggest having at least three to six months of living expenses in a money market or similar account, where it is liquid and accessible.

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A Message from our AAE Advantage Partner, SoFi

During this period of uncertainty and volatility, we at SoFi want to assure you that we stand by our promise to help you tackle your student debt and Get Your Money Right. We are working harder than ever to provide you with the services that you need.  This takes shape in the form of these…

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Resident Spotlight: Dr. David Haderlie

Compiled by Dr. Moein Sadrkhani Get to know this month’s featured resident, Dr. David Haderlie, of University of Connecticut. The Paper Point: Dr. David Haderlie , thank you for accepting our interview request and sharing your unique and interesting story. Let’s start by addressing the big elephant in the room: how are you dealing with this…

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AAE Prioritizes Support of Education During Time of Disruption

To help ensure residents graduate during the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAE convened a virtual meeting with endodontic program directors from around the United States and Canada on March 23. During the meeting, AAE stakeholders, directors and other educators discussed helping residents meet clinical requirements, preparing for online instruction, and group distance learning across programs through the AAE.

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Endodontics on the Front Lines: Managing the Emotional Toll of Serving During a Pandemic

Endodontists are now on the front lines in the effort to control the COVID-19 pandemic! Our specialty has been called upon to address dental emergencies in an effort to keep patients with severe dental distress away from the hospital emergency rooms.  Never before, in the glorious history of our specialty, have we been called upon to serve in this way.  This is a risky position to be in, but our training has prepared us for this moment.

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Resident Spotlight: Dr. Lushen Naidoo

Compiled by Dr. Moein Sadrkhani Dr. Lushen Naidoo is currently an endodontics resident at University of Southern California. He recently shared his journey to endo residency. The Paper Point: Thank you for accepting our interview request and sharing your unique and interesting story. Lushen, your dad was a medical doctor; so what made you choose…

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