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A compilation of historical material about the specialty and the AAE, gathered from the Headquarters, members, institutions, and others, is now available to members.

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Learn about the fascinating history and accomplishments of the AAE.

Charter Membership

We honor the original and founding members of our Association.

Enrique C. Aguilar
Harry Albert*
Maxie M. Alexander*
A. Floyd Anderson*
L. Pierce Anthony*
Morris B. Auerbach*
Walter P. Auslander*
G.P. Bannister*
John D. Barab*
I.B. Bender*
Sophia Bolotny*
N. Weir Burkman*
Lester R. Cahn*
Charles N. Conat*
Edgar D. Coolidge*
C.D. Crockett*
J. Hobson Crook*
W. Clyde Davis*
Paul T. Dawson*
Truman G. DeWitt*
Clifton O. Dummett*
Irwin A. Epstein*
L. Irving Epstein*
George G. Fineman*
Raymond L. Girardot*
S.D. Green*
Louis I. Grossman*
George C. Hare*
Ramond L. Hayes*
George T. Haymaker*
Pedro E. Henriquez*
O.C. High*
Maynard K. Hine*
John H. Hospers*
William B. Ingersoll*
Elmer A. Jasper*
Harry B. Johnston*
Henry Kahn*

J. Henry Kaiser*
Robert G. Kesel*
Saul Levy*
George W. Lorenz*
Laurence A. Lucas*
G.R. Lundquist*
O.J. McCormack*
Albert D. Maizels
Harold A. Maxmen*
Benjamin W. Meiman*
Douglas A. Meinig*
George E. Meinig*
Vincent B. Milas*
P. Sidney Neuwirth*
Joseph J. Obst*
John R. Pear*
Hyman H. Pearson*
William A. Peschelt*
J.R. Pharr*
Samuel M. Rafish*
J.W. Ritter*
Samuel M Robbins*
Percy J. Ross*
Arthur R. Sample*
Carl W. Sawyer*
William M. Schiff*
Milton Schwartz*
George C. Sharp*
Louis C. Siegel*
D.G. Simmons*
Ralph F. Sommer*
Thomas C. Starshak*
A.T. Thorson*
E.G. Van Valey*
Geroge W. Vaughn
Harold I. Walcott*
Charles M. White*
Morton F. Yates*

*Indicates deceased


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